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Ozone sterilization and disinfection of cosmetics packaging

at present, cosmetics manufacturers generally adopt methods such as high-temperature drying, ultraviolet external irradiation with some simple extreme pressure additives, disinfectant immersion, 75% alcohol solution immersion, and ethylene oxide for the disinfection of packaging containers to determine the coefficient of material rigidity

with the continuous expansion of the main framework cosmetics market, which is twice as powerful as the largest experimental force, the production of cosmetics enterprises has increased significantly, and the sterilization of cosmetics packaging containers is also looking for new methods to meet the needs of production

according to the mature experience accumulated by ozone in the disinfection of drinking water, the purification of pharmaceutical workshops, and the air sterilization and disinfection of food preservation and storage rooms, Jiangsu Huabang electromechanical equipment engineering company, through several years of research, followed the requirements of the relevant chapters of the "GMP verification guide" and the "disinfection technical specifications" formulated by the Ministry of health, and conducted many targeted ozone sterilization tests on cosmetics packaging containers, We have achieved effective in-depth investigation and Research on the first production line of the enterprise, and obtained a series of scientific parameters. On this basis, the hbq-50a series of ozone disinfection system for cosmetic packaging containers is developed, which is equipped with domestic and foreign special equipment, and can automatically control ozone generation, sterilization, destruction and reduction, and emission up to standard. The number of bacterial indicators of packaging containers disinfected by the system is much lower than the national indicators. In the past two years, it has been successively selected by some large and medium-sized cosmetics enterprises, and it has also realized the economic benefits brought by the new sterilization method


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