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Manitowak: diversified training improves skills User Satisfaction

manitowak: diversified training improves skills User Satisfaction

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manitowak has once again taken measures to ensure that global users can receive comprehensive support at any time of need. The company also cultivates employee loyalty through the deep participation of young talents in the company's products and attractive job distribution rooms, which are cleaned and inspected at least once a year. The manufacturer also promised that more technicians would be trained in the future as the complexity of products increased

all this is not empty talk, because manitowak held a 12-month advanced training course for employees at the factory in Port William, Germany. The name of the training course is "get involved!", It is a course that combines the human resources department of the company with the heart of manager yuan of Jinan trial sales department in the crane service training, plus users' on-site hands-on practice

the first class of "crane after-sales service technician" of the training course finished at the beginning of this year, and the 8th group of students are now summarized into a talent pool of after-sales service personnel with extensive technical knowledge and application skills

"every course in the class is taught by outstanding staff, so the students have laid a solid foundation from the beginning. After that, they are sent to the site to work with the crane owner and operator to increase their practical experience. The practical knowledge gained in this way is unique and incomparable, and they can transfer this knowledge to other workers after returning to the factory." Markus Seebeck, director of human resources for Europe and Africa in manitowak, said. "After continuously carrying out such a 'qualification war', we will create, establish and consolidate a measurable added value for employees and users."

students' participation in on-site work gives them an opportunity to challenge the problems users face every day. During the on-site practice of several users in Germany, a senior technician of manitowak after-sales service led the work of the practice group. After the task was completed, he checked the work of the students and scored their performance

"in the factory, machines are new and clean. On the other side of the scene, working in dirt and grease, at least your hands will get dirty." Maderer said. "The most important skill learned by the students is a thorough understanding of the challenges that users face on the site every day."

in addition to learning practical professional knowledge, employees also need to participate in soft skills courses, such as foreign languages (qualifications sent around the world), conflict training (dealing with challenging situations), project management (dealing with difficult work that needs to be planned in a beautiful quality battle), and innovative technologies to help them deal with on-site problems tactfully (such as solving the problems of narrow construction sites in urban areas or remote mining areas)

Thomas buchardt, vice president of manitowac crane service group, said, "the idea of this diversified training is to create higher value for users through services in the case of faster and better help." (this article is from manitowak)

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