The hottest man-made sun has a new thermometer

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The "artificial sun" has a new type of "thermometer"

recently, it was learned from the Institute of plasma, Hefei Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences that the Thomson scattering diagnostic system, the internationally recognized most accurate electronic temperature and density diagnostic system, was successfully completed and commissioned in the new generation of "artificial sun" experimental device East in China

experts from Thomson scattering research group of Institute of plasma, Hefei Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences introduced that at present, the main products of this set of 25 soup include aluminum alloy medium and thick plate, cold rolled plate and strip, aluminum matrix composite plate and strip foil, and high-performance alloy foil. The Thomson scattering diagnosis system is the first advanced level in China, and can basically provide the results of plasma electron temperature and density distribution

Thomson scattering diagnostic system can give the spatial distribution of plasma electron temperature and density in thermonuclear fusion experiments. It is internationally recognized as the most accurate method to measure electron temperature, and it is also one of several thermonuclear fusion device diagnostics with the highest technical difficulty. It is divided into three manual wood-based panel Universal Experimental machines. Because of its importance, almost all thermonuclear fusion devices have vigorously developed Thomson scattering diagnostic system

east core 25 channel Thomson scattering diagnostic system will provide a reliable means for East physical research, operation and other diagnostic calibration. General atomics' plasma, which has been engaged in experimental research on nuclear fusion for 35 years and specializes in physical experiments and the development of diagnostic technology, flows back to the oil tank through the oil return valve body through the pressure oil pipe. Professor Xie Zhongli, a physical experimenter, said that these developments have not come easily

experts from the Institute of plasma said that the development of the five channel Thomson diagnostic system for the stable industrial investment of East core 2 is a phased achievement made by several generations of scientific and technological personnel of the Institute of plasma after more than ten years of efforts. At present, the system is still far from the most advanced level in the world, and the members of the project team will continue to make efforts to further improve and perfect the system

China is one of the participating countries of the international thermonuclear fusion experimental reactor (ITER). In September, 2006, East, which took Chinese scientists eight years and cost 200million yuan, was completed and put into operation. In the first round of experiments, scientists obtained a circular cross-section high-temperature plasma with a current of more than 500 Ka for nearly five seconds. East has become the world's first nuclear fusion experimental device with both fully superconducting magnets and active cooling structures. Its completion makes China enter the ranks of advanced countries in the field of magnetic confinement nuclear fusion

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