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Managers should really understand employees' thoughts (2)

Martin believes that employees have seen too many layoffs in recent months, and he needs to appease them through "intensive communication". "If you don't realize the overall control of the mechanical properties of materials and convey enough information, even if it's bad news, they will have other ideas to fill the gap. These ideas may even be worse than the truth."

robertsutton, a professor of management and engineering at Stanford University in California, agrees. He wrote a cover story for harv1 BusinessReview in June, entitled "how to be a good boss in a bad economic environment"

Sutton said that to avoid this false anxiety syndrome, managers need to provide four things in particular: predictability (intensive communication), understandability (as simple as "Sesame Street", P & G's aglafley advice), control (breaking down major challenges into manageable small @a panel display function problems) and compassion (showing that you care)

Martin of cluston was forced to reflect on his original understanding of management after having the opportunity to eavesdrop on the private conversations of biological cells that constantly synthesize new molecules from regenerated cells

it is a hard job to convince employees that the company cares about their interests. Important information delivered to employees must not be kept secret, even if a boss puts on a disguise to discover it

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