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Management cannot be copied. DPCA's dual brands are ready to emerge

a year ago, Dongfeng Motor Corporation signed a cooperation agreement with PSA Peugeot Citroen Group, announcing that the joint venture cooperation mode will be upgraded from Dongfeng and Citroen to Dongfeng and PSA Peugeot Citroen Group. Since then, after 10 years of tortuous development, DPCA has entered a new stage of development

"management cannot be copied"

"funds can be raised, technology can be imitated, and models can be used for reference, but management cannot be copied." Liu Weidong, general manager, said

the new DPCA organizational structure is a system innovation, management innovation and process optimization based on the principles of strengthening brand marketing, clarifying rights and responsibilities, efficient management, and simulating the separation of production and marketing. In terms of management mode, promote the a management mode, and continue to promote and improve the budget management mode, authorization management mode and platform management mode; In terms of operation mechanism, the Ministry of Commerce of the two brands has formulated coordinated product planning and development strategies, and centralized control in product development, industrial production, commodity storage and transportation, etc; In terms of the concept of cooperation, we should further strengthen the consensus of "mutual trust, more communication, more exchanges, putting the overall situation first, and seeking common ground while reserving differences"; In terms of business ideas, the company has formulated the business policy of "market-oriented, quality-based, user-centered and benefit-oriented", practically taking continuously meeting market demand, improving product and service quality and improving user satisfaction as the starting point and foothold of enterprise management, and established 2003 as the "quality user year" of DPCA, Achieve the quality level of production products to reach or close to the physical quality level of PSA group; In order to continuously improve user satisfaction, the Department of Commerce of Dongfeng Citroen has standardized the sales, after-sales and marketing service behaviors in accordance with the standards of PSA group

the new mechanism brings a new atmosphere. According to incomplete statistics, the industrial division has completed more than 300 key equipment maintenance projects and more than 30 major technological transformation projects in the past year. Replace the transformer or rewind the transformer only by using national debt; The special fund will complete the investment of nearly 1billion yuan within two years. By the end of October, more than 60% of the contract investment will be completed. It can also make the use of the experimental system safe and reliable

"double brand" management is imminent

after enhancing cooperation, DPCA will introduce Peugeot Automobile brand. How to establish the market image of Dongfeng Peugeot and Dongfeng Citroen? Building a new brand image in an all-round way has become an urgent task

first of all, in terms of operating mechanism, Dongfeng Peugeot and Dongfeng Citroen are fully authorized to operate independently, formulate their own market strategies and business policies, and have the power to recruit, appoint, dismiss and set salaries, forming a benign competitive relationship between them. Secondly, further clarify and standardize the image construction, network planning and brand publicity, and strengthen the position and role of the two main brands of Dongfeng Peugeot and Dongfeng Citroen in marketing. Third, strengthen brand marketing and highlight brand personality. Dongfeng Citroen brand takes "building the first brand of Chinese sedan" as its business philosophy, focusing on the household car market; Dongfeng Peugeot's brand building, introduced in the early stage, takes "vitality and innovation" as the element to enrich the brand connotation

since this year, the original DPCA service network has been adjusted and renamed to a unified image design with "Citroen" as the eye-catching logo and "Dongfeng Citroen" as the Chinese name. A "Longteng plan" aimed at comprehensively improving the development level of the network is steadily advancing, and it is expected that the number of Longteng points will reach 75 by the end of the year. Dongfeng Peugeot's first selection of 70 companies with poor anti pollution ability, in accordance with the requirements of "high standards, high quality, high starting point", fully promoted the "blue box plan" of network development to ensure the launch of new products in 2004

"salary payment is also an investment"

talents are the key to the development of enterprises. On September 18, general manager Liu Weidong explained to all employees for the first time the general idea of DPCA's new human resources reform and development: that is to establish the concept of "human capital appreciation is higher than financial cost appreciation", and adopt the methods of "targeted training" and "entrusted training" to cultivate reserve talents; Implement the principle of "high standards, high requirements and high treatment" in management; Break the existing conventional employment mode and implement market-oriented actions for special talents in urgent need; Design a two-way talent growth mechanism that keeps pace with "leading cadre runway" and "professional technology runway"; In order to stimulate and promote the enthusiasm of employees to learn and use a second language, Chinese employees who are proficient in using French and English to communicate with foreign parties at work will be given a monthly allowance of 500 yuan; Establish the concept of "salary payment is also an investment" and launch the next three-year plan for salary reform, so that the salary level of employees can maintain a certain competitive advantage in domestic European and American joint ventures as soon as possible. According to statistics, 44 returned overseas students and graduate students have gone to DPCA after the cooperation has been improved, and 234 fresh graduates have applied to join DPCA to display their talents

at present, DPCA's current and future development ideas are becoming clearer and clearer. This is: to achieve a new variety every year; The quality is up to the international leading level and European standards; Develop localization, give play to cost advantages, and improve the ability and level of global operation; The three-year plan is to invest more than 450 million yuan to make DPCA's informatization level in line with the advanced level of PSA group; Human resources development, realize "high quality, high requirements, high treatment", and enhance the sense of belonging and achievement of talents

in September this year, DPCA won the titles of "national user satisfaction product" and "national user satisfaction service" in 2003, which is the fifth consecutive year that DPCA has won this honor. Statistics show that from January to October, DPCA achieved a total of 86158 vehicle sales, and achieved a sales revenue of 9.7 billion yuan, an increase of 24% and 32% respectively year-on-year. The annual vehicle sales exceeded 100000 vehicles, and the sales revenue exceeded 100. The advantage of the pendulum film impact testing machine was billion yuan. The launch schedule of Dongfeng Peugeot new products in 2004 has been determined. DPCA's "double brand" management era is just around the corner

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