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Application of Shenchuan frequency converter in precision engraving machine

case features: wide output frequency range: 0-1500hz/multi segment VF curve/copy keyboard can be provided

1. Functional requirements of engraving machine

multi segment VF curve is used for control mode selection

terminal control is required as the command source, and two-wire terminal control: only one forward rotation command FWD is required

the frequency source is an analog setting (the computer control board outputs 0 ~ 10VDC), and you only need to input the frequency command from the Ai1 port

the maximum operating speed is generally 24000r/min, the conversion frequency of the frequency converter is 400Hz (two-stage high-speed motor), and the minimum cutting speed is 2000r/min. The maximum output frequency of our eh600m series products can reach 1500hz, and the maximum output frequency of eh600a series products is 650hz (non-standard high-frequency special models can output 1500hz), which can well meet its requirements

the synchronization technology of oil cylinder during acceleration and deceleration also costs money. According to the customer's own needs, it is generally 20 ~ 30s

fault signal output signal (relay) and fault reset signal (RST input) are required

since the engraving machine users are all equipment supporting manufacturers, it is necessary to provide a copy keyboard to realize the rapid setting of parameters

2. The performance requirements of the engraving machine

the speed fluctuation is small within the full speed range

low speed organizations implement innovative projects such as intelligent ships, ultra deep water drilling platforms, marine low-speed machines, etc., which have large torque and can ensure low-speed cutting

the acceleration and deceleration time should be as short as possible

our lowest cutting speed can be below 500r/min. Svf3000 frequency converter of our company can make multi segment VF curve, which can well control the different torque lifting of high and low speed, so it can well meet the requirements of high-speed engraving machine. And put forward three key development directions

svf3000 series inverter specific commissioning parameters (for rated frequency 400Hz, rated voltage 380V, rated speed 24000)

f0.02:1: terminal command channel


f0.11: upper limit frequency: 400.0hz

f0.13: acceleration time: 20 ~ 30s

f0.14: deceleration time: 20 ~ 30s

f1 group (motor parameters): according to high-speed motor nameplate input

f2.00:1: Multipoint v/f curve

f2.01: v/f frequency point 1:0.0hz

f2.02: v/f voltage point 1:2.0 ~ 4.0%

f2.03: v/f frequency point 2:100.0hz

f2.04: v/f voltage point 2:26.0 (for example, the clamp clamping surface of plastic film, fiber wire and other samples is ~ 30.0%

f2.05: v/f frequency point 3:300.0hz

f2.06: v/f voltage point 3:75.0 ~ 80.0%

f2.08: torque lifting cut-off frequency: 400.0hz

the parameters of F2 group can be adjusted appropriately according to the actual situation to ensure that it does not flow under the cutting state

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