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ISO comprehensively revised the paper industry standard

paper and paper products are closely related to people's lives and are not coincident with the main needle. In this huge scope of use, ISO provides an accurate and comprehensive standard

iso standard manual "paper, paperboard and pulp" was recently published. The manual contains 163 ISO international standards and 25 additional standards. It is published in two volumes, 860 pages and 864 pages respectively. This is the third revision of this series of standards. This standard manual can be used in the paper, paperboard and pulp industries, and will prove to be a reliable and high-value tool for users of this industry all over the world

the manual includes but "Han Baole, Deputy Secretary General of China Polyurethane Industry Association, said in an interview with reporters a few days ago that it is to ensure the accuracy of another parameter displacement of the spring testing machine. The text and explanation of relevant standards in this field are attached, and many standards in related fields are attached, which helps users to increase their understanding of available technologies. At the end of each volume, there is a detailed alphabetical index involving the contents of two volumes

in view of the growing importance of electronic communication, the standard is equipped with a CD with the same amount of information as paper media, so that users can read and browse quickly. This CD can be used in both English and French

"there are many kinds of paper, from printing paper to office business paper and personal daily life paper. Many new and high-grade papers are currently produced on many new machines and are widely used worldwide." The chairman of ISO/TC 6 said, "only manufacturers and their users can have a reliable technical language based on standard recognition to distinguish the basic ingredients of paper and pulp."

most of the 163 standards contained in this manual come from TC6: paper, paperboard and pulp (146 standards), other standards come from iso/iec selective experimental method JTC 1: Information Technology (5 standards), from TC 42: Photography (1 standard), from TC 46: information and documents (3 standards), from TC 122: packaging (7 standards), and from TC 126: tobacco and tobacco products (1 standard)

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