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Island City: put an end to "white pollution" everyone is taking action

in order to reduce white pollution and improve the urban environment, Qingdao Haishun community launched the "bag revolution". However, the improvement of the urban environment can not rely on the efforts of a few people alone. Everyone has to work together. No, Qingdao Administration for Industry and Commerce and some operators have also taken action

: "I am now in Qingdao tianhuayuan wholesale market. Behind me, the Qingdao Municipal Department of industry and commerce is inspecting plastic bags and disposable plastic tableware in this market."

Deng Zhuqing, deputy director of the e-commerce market division of Qingdao Administration for Industry and commerce, said: "many ultra-thin plastic bags are made of recycled plastic products, which contain various impurities, which is relatively harmful to human health. Using non degradable plastic bags buried underground, it has not changed much in 200 years, and this has a serious impact on the environment."

the harm to the environment is so serious that such a plastic bag is better not to be used. In jinmaiyuan farmers' market and jiashike supermarket in Shinan District, the Department of industry and Commerce found through inspection that the biodegradable plastic packaging bags that meet the environmental protection requirements are used in these markets and supermarkets. The management department of jinmaiyuan farmers' market and the operators in the market also signed a book on the use of biodegradable plastic bags

Yu Xinli Shinan jinmaiyuan farmer's market manager: "according to this agreement, if the owner uses non degradable plastic bags, they can be confiscated at any time after discovery."

it is good to use biodegradable environmental protection packaging bags, and the operating cost will inevitably increase. Don't the operators have any complaints about this

Miss Ding, the operator of jinmaiyuan farmer's market in Shinan District: "now, let's recommend this kind of environmental protection bag to customers. We have an advantageous position. It's less polluting to the environment. At most, it's more than 3.5 yuan a month. In order to be good for environmental protection, it doesn't matter to spend a few more yuan."

as other operators have said, our enthusiastic citizens also have to make some contributions to eliminate unqualified plastic bags. At least, the survival of some small battery manufacturers has become difficult, so we can open our eyes and be a supervisor

Deng Zhuqing, deputy director of the market department of Qingdao Administration for Industry and Commerce: "we appeal to the general public to call 12315 in time to report if they find any market that continues to use unqualified plastic bags. We will notify the relevant industrial and commercial offices in time to investigate and deal with the use of unqualified A and B shares of a listed company according to the disposal of the market, and thoroughly ban the phenomenon of unqualified plastics in Qingdao."

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