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ISEC engineers' conference will lead advanced virtual manufacturing technology in Shanghai at the end of the year. On September 1, 2008, Shanghai, China, learned recently that following the successful ISEC 2007 engineers' conference held in Shanghai, China last year, the ISEC organizer KingLeap giant light company recently revealed that the second ISEC 2008 engineers' conference, which brings together the world's latest virtual manufacturing technology, will be held in Shanghai at the end of the year. ISEC is a large-scale international professional exhibition focusing on virtual simulation, industrial design and informatization. Every year, ISEC will hold a tour in China and the Asia Pacific region where we strive to understand market trends and industry directions. ISEC 2008 will make another grand tour in Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center, China on December, 2008

Ruan Xueyu, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, made a keynote report on the scene of the first isec2007 engineer conference.

in today's world, the transformation from actual manufacturing to "virtual manufacturing" is the most significant change in the international manufacturing industry driven by information technology. Virtual manufacturing has been widely studied and applied in industrial developed countries such as the United States, Germany, Japan and so on. At present, large foreign enterprises are developing towards digital enterprises. Well-known aircraft, automobile and industrial manufacturing enterprises in the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries are studying and implementing virtual manufacturing technology to shorten the design and manufacturing cycle, reduce design and manufacturing costs, and improve product quality

as a large manufacturing country, China's current virtual manufacturing application research focuses on three-dimensional virtual design, machining process simulation and product assembly simulation based on products, and studies how to generate a highly reliable product virtual prototype, so as to predict the final performance and manufacturability of the designed products with high confidence in the product design stage. With the continuous deepening of research and the development of related technology, virtual manufacturing will be increasingly widely used

at the last isec2007 engineer conference, CEOs and CTOs from academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering, industry experts, and internationally renowned original manufacturers discussed the innovation, development, and trends of China's virtual manufacturing technology in 14 keynote speeches, and made authoritative interpretations. The holding of the conference made a bold attempt to open up the Chinese market and lead the development direction of the world's virtual simulation industry. It is widely recognized by the industry as a "brand, high-end, authoritative" virtual simulation technology industry event, and a landmark product of the development of China's virtual simulation technology industry

at the same time, more than 450 conference representatives from domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, educational institutions, automobile manufacturing, national defense science and technology industry, electronic industry, mechanical equipment and other fields attended the last session. From the perspective of development, the meeting discussed the development status, technical trends, hot spots and relevant policies of China's current virtual simulation, industrial design and information technology industry using wire rope connection and reaction frame structure, and made authoritative interpretations to promote technical exchanges and cooperation in this industry

it is reported that the second isec2008 engineers' conference will contribute a more wonderful conference to the industry with a larger scale and richer themes. This engineers' conference will be divided into theme forums and special conferences. The theme forum will discuss "advanced virtual manufacturing technology and industrial development". The theme meeting will include "vehicle design and virtual simulation technology application", "ship design and virtual simulation technology application", "aerospace and virtual simulation technology application", "virtual reality technology industrial development" and other topics

authoritative industry experts, internationally renowned virtual manufacturing technology solution providers and third-party users are discussing the world's latest advanced manufacturing technologies and solutions on the same platform. According to the analysis of insiders, the radiation effect brought by ISEC engineers' conference based on China's virtual manufacturing technology is bound to become increasingly evident in the integration and development of industrialization and informatization in China today as China's manufacturing power develops into a manufacturing power

i at present, the use of attapulgite in plastics is mainly focused on pet and PA nucleating agents and thermal insulation materials. The sec2008 engineer conference brings together the world's latest virtual manufacturing technology, and is committed to building an exchange community of cutting-edge technologies and outstanding opinions for scholars, experts, industry elites and engineers in the fields of virtual simulation, industrial design, informatization and other advanced manufacturing technologies. The engineers' conference will discuss many topics, such as virtual simulation, economic development trend of industrial design and information industry, hot and difficult issues, marketing countermeasures and suggestions, and provide decision-making and intellectual support for promoting the development of China's virtual simulation and industrial design industry

ISEC, jointly organized by KingLeap Juguang company and haobotasus exhibition company, is a large-scale international professional exhibition focusing on virtual simulation, industrial design and informatization, which is held annually in China and the Asia Pacific region. ISEC brings together global industry leaders and the latest technologies of global virtual simulation, industrial design and informatization. It can be called the high-end authoritative industry event with the largest scale and brand influence in the Asia Pacific region. For more information, please visit ISEC official website:

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