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Too accurate is not the "pot" of smart meters

recently, because of the false information in the network, people in Wuhai, Inner Mongolia have doubts and panic about replacing prepaid smart meters. The measurement center of Wuhai Electric Power Bureau made a technical explanation at the first time and refuted the rumor that the main engine adopted a horizontal structure

recently, due to the replacement of a large number of prepaid smart meters in Wuhai, many residents reacted to the problem of excessive electricity charges after the replacement of meters, and made comments on a public platform. The measurement center of Wuhai Electric Power Bureau, as a legal appraisal institution authorized by the Technical Supervision Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region according to law, timely and quickly launched the emergency plan and made a technical explanation at the first time

about the speed of the meter. With the development and application of new national technology, the original mechanical watt hour meter has low accuracy level (generally level 2), low starting sensitivity and poor overload capacity. With the increase of operation time, the friction torque increases due to the friction loss of the rotating bearing except the classic bromine flame retardant, which generally shows positive and negative errors, resulting in the less electricity of the watt hour meter, In addition, due to the large starting current (i.e. low sensitivity), the mechanical watt hour meter counts less or ignores the actual electricity used by users, such as chargers, TV set-top boxes and other electrical equipment. Therefore, the state has upgraded the technology and unified the technical specifications of metering devices, so as to promote their use; About the increase of electricity charges after changing meters. The intelligent charge control watt hour meter used by Wuhai Power Bureau is 1 (80) A. the selection of this current specification watt hour meter improves the starting sensitivity, and uses the electric load testing machine to start and idle to detect smooth operation. The upper limit of current is increased to 80A. Therefore, the actual power consumption can be accurately measured whether it is small load or large load. Therefore, residents will feel that the electricity bill has increased; Doubts about the identification of electricity meters. If residents feel that the measurement of electric energy meter is inaccurate, they can apply to the power supply department for verification in time. The verification is free, and legal verification conclusions will be issued to residents. If it is really a meter problem after verification, the measurement center will issue the verification result, and residents can go to the local power supply bureau to refund and supplement the electricity and electricity charges based on this result

at the same time, the metering center of Wuhai Power Bureau reminded that the billing parameters of the intelligent charge control watt hour meter are set strictly according to the electricity price approved by the development and Reform Commission of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the power supply department has no right to adjust the electricity price without authorization, and the new prepaid watt hour meter has the function of electricity pre overdraft. If it is a residential user, the electricity meter at home will automatically trip when the balance of electricity charge is 0 yuan, resulting in power failure at home. In order to ensure continuous power consumption, you can take the power purchase card and insert it or long press the display key for more than 5 seconds to continue to use the 30 yuan electricity charge advanced by the power supply department in advance, so that users have enough time to purchase electricity

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