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Strengthen technology research and development, polyurethane helps the development of green buildings

after the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security terminated the implementation of the notice on further clarifying the relevant requirements for fire supervision and management of external insulation materials for civil buildings (i.e. "document 65") in 2012, it is necessary to re-examine the energy conservation and fire prevention of external insulation systems. In order to grasp the lost development opportunity and further explore the market, many polyurethane insulation material manufacturers took the initiative to strengthen technology research and development and improve product performance to meet market demand. Affected by this, the consumption of polyurethane insulation materials increased significantly in 2013. Nevertheless, industry insiders said that the stubborn disease of low-cost competition in the development of polyurethane industry has gradually become prominent

polyurethane is the material to achieve energy conservation in green buildings

it is understood that the rigid foams used in construction are ICI in the UK (acquired by AkzoNobel), DuPont in the US, Solvay in the US, BASF in Germany and Hoechst polyurethane insulation materials, with a heat transfer coefficient of 0 024. Compared with other insulation materials, the heat transfer coefficient is the lowest and the insulation performance is the best. Relevant data show that using one cubic meter of polyurethane insulation material can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 270 kg a year. If the consumption of polyurethane insulation materials is 1million tons per year, the carbon dioxide emission can be reduced by 7million tons per year. In addition, polyurethane thermal insulation material also has firm adhesion, stability and good material coverage, which is not easy to cause safety hazards such as surface wall falling off and water leakage. It has impermeability, sound insulation, vibration absorption and other auxiliary functions, and is an ideal green building material

the special plan for building energy efficiency during the 12th Five Year Plan period issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development proposes that in the 12th Five Year Plan period, new residential buildings in some large and medium-sized cities should save 30% more energy on the basis of the function and function of the metal tensile testing machine that used to save 50% energy: the computer display shows the experimental process and curve in the whole process, that is, the total energy saving goal of 65%. The proposal of this goal will undoubtedly promote the growth of the demand for building thermal insulation materials, and also bring new development opportunities for polyurethane thermal insulation materials. It is estimated in the industry that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the cumulative national investment in energy conservation and environmental protection will exceed 5trillion yuan, and the building energy conservation industry is expected to receive 1trillion yuan

in addition to the national standards and plans, the building energy-saving targets issued by various regions are also becoming increasingly stringent. Among them, Beijing took the lead in issuing new residential energy-saving standards, raising them to 75%; According to the plan, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Dalian also plans to carry out the construction of 75% pilot demonstration projects of building energy efficiency; Some eco city demonstration projects in Shanghai, Tianjin, Yinchuan and other places have also achieved or exceeded 75% building energy efficiency

however, as an excellent exterior wall insulation material, polyurethane exterior wall insulation material started late in China, so there are also some difficulties in the promotion process. However, in recent years, the state and local governments have issued a number of standards and regulations on building energy conservation, and polyurethane insulation materials have ushered in good development opportunities

at the same time of a series of policies, in order to meet market opportunities and further explore the market, many polyurethane insulation material manufacturers took the initiative to strengthen technology research and development, improve product performance, and constantly adapt to market demand. For example, Shandong ludun thermal insulation materials Co., Ltd. has prepared to establish the Key Laboratory of rigid polyurethane thermal insulation materials in Dezhou to conduct in-depth research, development and application of rigid polyurethane thermal insulation materials; Beijing Construction Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. has cooperated with Beijing University of technology, Zhejiang University, Beijing ogson New Material Technology Co., Ltd. and Shandong Qixiang energy saving building materials Co., Ltd. to develop the project of "key technology and industrialization of in-situ nano synergistic high flame retardant polyurethane foam thermal insulation materials". The products of the project have been sold in Dongcheng, Chaoyang, Fengtai At that time, the hydraulic technology was not mature at all. It was actually applied in the community reconstruction project and was highly praised by the construction unit and the owner

it can be predicted that the market prospect of polyurethane thermal insulation materials is very broad. Since 2013, the consumption of polyurethane insulation materials has increased significantly. It is expected that in the next years, the proportion of polyurethane insulation materials in the construction field will reach 30% - 40%, or even 50%. New materials and insulation systems will continue to appear

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