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Updating the concept of packaging, building an energy-saving society, developing circular economy and building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society is one of the important measures and main contents to implement the scientific concept of development, achieve sustained, rapid, coordinated and healthy economic development, and build a socialist harmonious society. It is the only way to build a "packaging power" under the new situation. This is the development goal of the packaging industry in the new era, and it is also the work direction of all our packaging workers. To achieve this goal, we should first update the packaging concept, establish a simple and appropriate packaging concept on the premise of meeting the protection and convenience, avoid excessive packaging, reduce resource waste, and reduce the environmental pollution caused by packaging waste

1. The current situation of excessive packaging

in theory, excessive packaging can be defined as packaging with excess protection functions, excess convenience functions, excess communication functions and excess decorative functions, but how to define it quantitatively? There are different opinions and different opinions, and businesses and consumers have obviously opposite attitudes. Some experts believe that showing the charm of materials to customers is that the value of packaging is more than 1 to 2 times the value of packaged products, which is called excessive packaging. The China Consumer Association has clearly pointed out that where the packaging volume significantly exceeds 10% of the commodity itself and the packaging cost significantly exceeds 30% of the commodity price, it can be judged as "commercial fraud" that infringes on the rights and interests of consumers. But businesses do not think so. Some businesses believe that the packaging of some commodities such as cosmetics and wine reflects a spiritual and cultural demand, and the cost of packaging should not be overemphasized; Some businesses believe that health care products, gifts and other goods with special functions should meet the needs of gifts, show noble temperament, and should not place too much emphasis on the value of packaging; Others believe that excessive packaging should be mainly considered from the packaging materials. As long as the packaging materials are environmentally friendly and hygienic, the form and value are not important

regardless of the definition and standard of over packaging, it is an indisputable fact that it widely exists in our commodity packaging, especially in health products, food and cosmetics. The packing boxes made of solid wood and metal are lined with exquisite silk and satin, and some also "give away" watches and other items. The inner three layers and the outer three layers are stripped of the stacked commodity packaging, but the final object is either pitifully small or of low value. Public opinion is still talking about the overpacking of mid autumn moon cakes, and the Spring Festival tonic and health products, famous wine and so on have made a comeback. After you sing, I come on stage, which is likely to become more and more intense

looking at the current packaging market, there are mainly the following forms of excessive packaging

first, the structure is excessive. Some commodities deliberately increase the number of layers of packaging, and add medium packaging between inner packaging and outer packaging. At first glance, they look beautiful, but in fact they are not real or worthy of the name; Some products are too large in package size, but the actual products are very small, which is suspected of grabbing the host from the guest; There are also products with too thick padding materials, which have excessive protective functions, and also belong to excessive packaging

second, excessive materials. In the packaging of moon cakes, many adopt 3. Stop using solid wood and metal products when the indenter is in contact with the tested sample, which greatly increases the packaging cost, and the packaging waste is left useless, which is a pity to discard

third, excessive decoration. In order to improve the noble temperament of goods, merchants often ignore the value of the goods themselves, blindly adopt superior packaging raw materials, advanced printing technology, increase packaging costs, and some even add gifts several times or even dozens of times the value of the goods to improve the price of the goods

2. The harm of excessive packaging

the purpose of packaging is to protect goods from damage and facilitate transportation, storage and carrying by consumers. On this basis, being beautiful and generous can increase selling points, play the role of advertising, and be conducive to the sale of goods. Proper packaging is undoubtedly necessary and beneficial. However, excessive packaging goes to the other extreme, exaggerating the function of packaging, misleading the concept of consumption, and damaging the interests of consumers and society. Excessive packaging consumes resources excessively, making the society bear excessive packaging costs, and its harm is shown in the following aspects

first, a lot of resources are wasted. Raw materials for the packaging industry, such as paper, rubber, glass, steel, plastic, etc., use raw materials, which come from wood, oil, steel, etc., which are scarce resources in China. If it is used for excessive packaging, it will cause a lot of waste if these resources are used for one-time consumption without corresponding recycling. As shown in Figure 1, the consumption of paper packaging in China reached 11.89 million tons in 2000, and showed an upward trend year by year (see Figure 2). If we calculate the amount of paper used for packaging all goods and the trees to be cut down, it is undoubtedly an amazing figure. The rapid disappearance of forests has caused serious soil erosion and desertification. The ecological function of the region is in disorder. The total amount of land water resources in China is 280million cubic meters, ranking sixth in the world, but the per capita share of water resources is only 2200 cubic meters, only 1/4 of the world's per capita level, ranking 88th in the world. The annual industrial output value is reduced by 100billion Yuan due to the shutdown of enterprises due to water shortage. Now many forests have become wrapping paper. It can be said that the more cartons are used, the faster the green disappears. Excessive packaging makes the resources on the verge of exhaustion worse. Take the most commonly used corrugated paper as an example, it is mainly divided into three layers, five layers and seven layers. In developed countries, 90% of them are three layers, while China is mainly five layers, which makes it necessary to spend more than one billion yuan to import pulp and paperboard every year. If it is changed to three layers of corrugated paper, the cost can be saved by one third

this is only the data of paper packaging industry, as well as metal, plastic, glass and other industries. The figures are shocking. It is unimaginable that the excessive packaging has great destructive power on limited resources

second, environmental pollution. Consumers abandon a large amount of packaging waste, increasing environmental pollution. The annual emission of packaging waste in China has accounted for 1/3 of municipal solid waste in weight, and more than 1/2 in volume, and the emission is increasing at an alarming rate of 10% per year. The cost of excessive packaging is considerable, and these excessive packaging materials, which consume a lot of resources, have become household garbage in the hands of consumers, and become a major public hazard that seriously pollutes the environment, making the urban garbage collection and treatment capacity double. Relevant information shows that among the 1.32 million tons of garbage generated in Wuhan every year, the packaging of various commodities is at least 230000 tons. If excessive packaging is reduced, the garbage can be reduced by 20% a year. Among the 1.65 million tons of municipal waste produced in Guangzhou every year, the packaging of various commodities reached 330000 tons, accounting for 1/5. In addition, plastics, printing pigments, metal compounds, etc. in packaging waste will become garbage that is difficult to decompose, causing pollution and damage to the fragile natural environment, which in turn leads to the problem of waste polluting the environment, causing increasingly serious pollution and damage to the human living environment. Check whether the steel ball is beating (when the oil pump is on) and wait for the steel ball to break after it moves

third, damage social interests. First of all, excessive packaging infringes on the interests of consumers. Consumers are the dominant market, and the market is adjusted around the needs of consumers. Now, excessive packaging takes advantage of the psychological characteristics of consumers in consumption behavior, so that after paying the necessary commodity value, it imposes additional huge packaging fees on consumers, which virtually damages the interests of consumers. Secondly, excessive packaging also hurts the interests of enterprises. The fierce unfair competition has caused the overflow of excessive packaging in the market. In order to pursue higher profits, enterprises use the method of exaggerating the function of packaging decoration to obtain more value from consumers. In the short term, the profit of enterprises may rise significantly, but in the long run, this will undoubtedly seriously damage the image of enterprises, is not conducive to the sustainable development of enterprises, and the reputation system of enterprises is on the verge of collapse. Third, it has damaged social interests. The trend of excessive packaging has formed a luxurious and flashy social atmosphere, contributed to the bad style of hospitality and gift giving, and is not conducive to the construction of a conservation oriented society

3. Countermeasures and suggestions

excessive packaging wastes resources, pollutes the environment and endangers social interests, which is harmful to the country, society and individuals, and should be resolutely eliminated

to avoid excessive packaging, I think we should first improve our understanding and change our ideas. We are duty bound to establish a simple packaging concept, advocate appropriate packaging, and build a conservation oriented society, which is owned by society, enterprises and individuals. Individuals should establish a green consumption concept and advocate simple consumption. China has been a country of etiquette since ancient times. It is reported that it pays attention to family affection and reciprocity. However, in interpersonal communication, we should pay more attention to friendship than gifts, and pay more attention to reality than face. In this way, there is no living soil for over packaging. Society should strengthen publicity, guide simple and rational consumption concepts, and cultivate a healthy social style. The government and industry associations should strengthen guidance, vigorously guide enterprises to establish and strengthen the concept of plain packaging, oppose excessive packaging, and promote appropriate packaging, so as to achieve the purpose of saving costs and resources. Packaging workers should also start from reality, design reasonably, and advocate the concept of economic, practical, beautiful and generous packaging, which should not only achieve the function of packaging, but also avoid excessive

in addition, the establishment of a packaging cycle mechanism to effectively recycle packaging waste can also avoid excessive packaging. At present, the existing recycling mechanism in China is not perfect. Only a small amount of corrugated cardboard, cans, glass beer bottles and so on can be recycled, while a large number of packaging waste is still landfilled, incinerated and so on, which not only wastes resources but also pollutes the environment. In the future, we should gradually improve the recycling mechanism of packaging waste and encourage enterprises to recycle packaging waste. Legislation can also prohibit excessive packaging. The standards of excessive packaging should be detailed and implemented by industry and category, and laws and regulations should be established to prohibit excessive packaging. Learn from the experience of other countries and levy packaging tax. Many foreign countries have adopted economic regulation measures, increased packaging taxes, and effectively reduced packaging waste. These experiences are worth learning from

source: China Packaging magazine

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