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The restriction order is intended to restrict "face consumption". 1. The excessive packaging of plastic with low water absorption is very harmful.

in the future, the production and sales of over packaged goods in Guangzhou may face heavy penalties. At present, the administrative measures of Guangzhou Municipality on restricting excessive packaging of goods are being solicited for comments. The draft clearly stipulates that producers and dealers who produce and consume over packaged goods will face a fine of 100000 yuan. For the severely affected areas with excessive packaging of tea, wine, drugs, health food, cosmetics, etc., the draft specifically stipulates that wood, metal and textile are prohibited from being used in the packaging of tea, wine, etc., the total packaging cost of tea shall not exceed 10% of the sales price of goods, and the packaging cost of wine shall not exceed 15%. Some experts predict that once the final management measures are published, it will effectively curb the phenomenon of excessive packaging in Guangzhou

excessive packaging of goods is very harmful, which not only wastes resources, but also damages the interests of consumers, and is more likely to produce unnecessary garbage. For Guangzhou, environmental protection has become the most direct driving force for the introduction of this management method. The relevant person in charge of Guangzhou municipal legislative affairs office, Guangdong Province, said that according to the survey, the annual emission of packaging waste in Guangzhou currently accounts for about 1/3 of the urban solid waste, and the urban packaging waste emission shows an obvious upward trend, which is the main factor causing the garbage siege. Excessive packaging and one-sided pursuit of the added value of luxury packaging will undoubtedly consume a lot of resources and aggravate environmental pollution. Sunfeng, a professor in the Sociology Department of Tsinghua University, said that excessive packaging makes some consumers blindly compare with each other, forming a consumer psychology that advocates appearance and ignores quality. In turn, it helps businesses provide more flashy goods, forming a vicious circle. In the long run, consumers still suffer losses. On a deeper level, excessive packaging will also give birth to unhealthy tendencies such as extravagance and waste, corruption and so on, which runs counter to the social trend of strict economy and anti waste

Liujunhai, Professor of the Law School of Renmin University and director of the Institute of commercial law, believes that buying over packaged goods is not only a waste of luxury, but has risen to the level of conspicuous consumption, which is more harmful to society and consumers. From the perspective of consumers, excessive packaging damages consumers' right to fair trade. Consumers generally believe that the quality of packaged goods is good, and manufacturers are seizing this mentality to earn money that is not sunny and immoral. Liujunhai said

different from the one-sided support of experts, there are also voices of opposition among consumers to vigorously curb excessive packaging. Some consumers said that the main function of high-end goods is to give gifts. If the packaging is too cold and the tightening space is confirmed to be appropriate, the gray cast iron tightening sample can't be sold when it is sour. Many consumers are willing to pay so much for these exquisite packaging. If the laws and regulations do not permit, there will be no high-grade or low-grade goods. In an interview, a salesperson at a cosmetics counter said that according to the market feedback, most customers still hope that high-end goods can be divided into hardcover and paperback, which will give them more freedom to choose

zhuzhiwei, Secretary General of Guangdong Packaging Technology Association, believes that whether the explicit provisions made in the draft on the packaging of tea, wine, health products, cosmetics and other products are suitable for specific commodities remains to be discussed. Commodity packaging has two functions: protecting and beautifying commodities. The former ensures the realization of the basic functions of commodities, while the latter increases the added value of commodities. We should not blindly emphasize the simplification of commodity packaging and ignore these two basic functions. We should analyze specific problems. For example, some wines need wooden boxes to ensure their quality. Zhuzhiwei said

although there are some dissenting voices, on the whole, the damage of excessive packaging of goods to environmental protection and economy is self-evident. The research results of the project are of great significance to the preventive maintenance of high-grade asphalt pavement in our province to reduce the generation of waste mixtures and carbon emissions. Relevant national departments and other provinces and cities also hope to take relevant measures to curb the momentum of excessive packaging. Professor dongjinshi, Secretary General of the International Food Packaging Association, disclosed that in 2008, the government had drafted the regulations on restricting excessive packaging of commodities, but they have not been promulgated yet due to difficulties in implementation in actual operation. In 2012, Shanghai took the lead in formulating and submitting to the Municipal People's Congress Several Provisions on the reduction of commodity packaging in Shanghai (Draft), which set up punitive rules for the sale of over packaged commodities for the first time, with a maximum fine of 50000 yuan. Echoing Shanghai, the draft of Guangzhou raised the maximum fine to 100000 yuan, showing Guangzhou's determination

however, experts also pointed out that the regulations of individual cities can only solve a small range of problems, and it needs national efforts to truly eliminate the occurrence of excessive packaging throughout the country. Dongjinshi said that the state should speed up the promulgation of the regulations on restricting excessive packaging of commodities, so that restricting excessive packaging is not only a slogan, but also a law to follow, so that illegal enterprises and sellers can really be financially punished

in addition, Professor Liujunhai also suggested that the production and sales links should be coordinated to solve the problem of excessive packaging from the root. It is necessary to standardize the upstream and downstream of production and sales, including producers, packaging enterprises, sellers, consumers and other economic links. Liujunhai said that the government departments should strengthen supervision and apply both hard and soft measures: on the one hand, they should crack down on and restrict excessive packaging of goods through legislation; On the one hand, economic measures such as less tax payment and financial support are taken to encourage the reduction of commodity packaging. In addition, social education is also essential to make consumers aware of the dangers of excessive packaging of goods and make commodity producers improve their awareness of self-discipline

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