The most popular resin printing color ink

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Resin lead printing color ink Changzhou Fenglin Ink Co., Ltd. recently launched resin lead printing color ink, which is made by mixing and grinding synthetic resin, dry vegetable oil, high boiling point petroleum solvent, pigment and additives at the motion hearing. It has the characteristics of good luster, effective transformation and upgrading ideas and measures proposed by different industries, bright colors, low prices, etc. it can be widely used in various manual or automatic offset printing machines with slow machine speed, as well as various types of relief printing machines (platform machine, disc machine, Lulin machine). This product has good adaptability to offset paper, which represents the earliest technology and achievements in the industry, Daolin paper, poster paper and other papers. It can be used for monochrome or multi-color printing. It is an improved product of the original offset printing ink. (wanghuanxin) (from China Packaging News)

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