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Midea responded to rumors: it did not cooperate with Xiaomi nor set foot in blacktop

Midea: it did not hold hands with Xiaomi nor set foot in blacktop. The smart home system needs to link a central control screen. Looking at all home appliances, except TVs, refrigerators have large screens and can be powered on 24 hours a day. Water cooling is usually used to cool the cup before the suspension. Various possibilities are rampant.

Midea: it has not joined hands with Xiaomi nor set foot in blackpower.

after Midea Group (24.70, 0.00, 0.00%) announced the suspension a few days ago (December 8), rumors about Midea's Xiaomi are rampant again. It is widely said that Midea will join hands with Xiaomi to develop blackpower and pave the way for smart home; Xiaomi's new air purifier product was once said to be a marriage product with Midea. However, yesterday, a staff member from the Securities Department of Midea Group denied to Nandu that Midea Group did not cooperate with Xiaomi and did not revise the plan to facilitate blackout. We do not know these things

Midea Group announced a temporary suspension on December 8. According to the announcement, the trading of the company's shares has been suspended since the opening of the market on december8,2014 due to major events that may have a great impact on the share price of Midea Group and have not been publicly disclosed. Yesterday (9th), Midea Group continued to suspend trading and resumed trading after the disclosure of relevant matters. As for the reason for the suspension, it is reported that Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, recently visited the group headquarters in Shunde, Guangdong Province, and visited hexiangjian, the founder of Midea Group, Fang Hongbo, the chairman and President of Midea Group, and other relevant people, so as to achieve the purpose of enhancing the strength of composite materials. It is not ruled out that Midea Group will introduce Xiaomi as an investor

as for the direction of cooperation between the two sides, insiders believe that the cooperation between Midea Group and Xiaomi may focus on smart appliances. In March this year, Midea Group released the m-smart smart home strategy, announcing that it would unify the agreement internally and open the agreement externally, so as to realize the interconnection, interoperability and mutual understanding of all household appliances. In addition to blacktop, Midea already has a complete industrial chain of R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of household appliances, which is also one of the advantages of Midea's layout of smart home. However, Xiaomi is speeding up its efforts in the field of smart home. If it takes a stake in Midea, it will undoubtedly be important for Midea to further occupy the home. 3. Display method: LCD is very good

however, for Midea smart home strategy, TV is not necessarily required. According to the relevant person in charge of the smart home Research Institute of Midea Group, the smart home system needs to link a central control screen. Looking at all home appliances, in addition to TVs, refrigerators have large screens and can be powered on 24 hours. According to the person in charge, the relevant technologies of TV and refrigerator as control screens are being studied simultaneously

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