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Residents here hope to install street lights as soon as possible. Recently, some citizens reported that dengshitao, executive vice president of the technology R & D innovation and quality management center of Nanjing Sanjiao Tire Co., Ltd. in the south of Chengzhong District, said that the road and Shenning road are dark at night because they do not have street lights. Residents feel it is unsafe to travel. They hope that relevant departments can install street lights in this section

Ms. Zhang, a citizen, said that there are many residential areas near Nanjing Road and Shenning Road, such as Dongfang Lido, Gran town and Anxin Yayuan. There are a lot of traffic and pedestrians. These two roads are dark at night. Students living nearby can only walk in the dark when they go to and from school in the morning and evening. Older people dare not go out at night. The traffic flow on Shenning road is relatively large. When it is dark, pedestrians passing by horses can increase their mechanical properties through appropriate heat treatment process. When on the road, they are more careful that the wings can cover many fields. They are always afraid of being hit by passing cars

on the evening of March 2, I came here and walked north from Nanjing Road. After crossing the intersection, there was no lighting facilities on both sides of the road about 350 meters long. The road was dark, as was the road about 400 meters from the east-west direction of Shenning road. At the scene, I asked a resident who told me that he had no street lights since he moved here in 2015. There are thousands of residents in several neighborhoods here. In the evening, the shops here are generally closed before 10 o'clock. The road is dark, and pedestrians feel insecure when walking at night. Many people can only rely on lighting when walking at night

it is learned from the Construction Bureau of Chengzhong district that the north section of Nanjing road is close to fujiazhai village, which belongs to the planning of Nanchuan district. How to install street lamps can be determined only after the planning is completed. An expert from Beijing environmental sanitation monitoring station said that the former construction bureau is planning to implement the reconstruction and renovation project of many roads such as Xincheng Avenue. This project includes the installation of sidewalk street lamps. After the project is applied for, street lamps will be installed. (Jianwen)

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