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On August, 2017, the 10th Asia Lighting conference was successfully held in Shanghai, which was jointly organized by China Lighting society, Japan lighting society and Korea lighting electrical equipment society, and hosted by China Lighting Society (the experimental space of the experimental machine is only 1 meter, so it is impossible to experiment with the 10th Asia lighting Conference). The conference attracted people from China, Japan, Korea More than 300 representatives from 10 countries including Thailand, Singapore, India and Russia attended the meeting

it is understood that the Asian lighting conference, formerly known as "China Japan Korea lighting conference", is an international academic conference jointly organized by China Lighting society, Japan lighting society and Korea lighting electrical equipment society. The conference began in 2008 and is held once a year. It is hosted by China, Japan and the ROK in turn. Professor Hao Luoxi, the rotating chairman of the 10th Asian lighting conference, said that the purpose of this year's name change is to hope that not only China, Japan and South Korea, but also more Asian countries and more people will participate in it, so as to give a brighter future to the lighting industry

on the eve of the 10th Asian lighting conference, the organizing committee members of the conference held the 20th organizing committee meeting. Bingshukui, President of China Lighting society, Hao Luoxi, vice president of China Lighting society, rotating chairman of the 10th Asian lighting conference, Professor of architecture and Urban Planning School of Tongji University, Hua Shuming, vice president of China Lighting society, Zou Nianyu, Professor of Dalian University of technology, Cuizhe, assistant professor of Architecture and Urban Planning School of Tongji University, Gong Yinhui, Secretary of China Lighting society and other Chinese representatives, as well as the Japanese president of the conference The organizing committee members led by shitaka kenmotsu of the Japanese lighting Institute (ieij) and E-man Ryu, President of the ROK side of the conference attended the meeting

at the meeting, the organizing committee fully discussed the construction and operation of the official conference station, and displayed the newly designed conference logo, certificate and flag, which were highly praised by the participants; Signed the China Japan South Korea core country agreement for the Asian lighting conference, jointly defining the objectives, rules and obligations of the Asian lighting conference. The Asia Lighting conference has built the most influential academic exchange platform in Asia with a new image and attitude

it is understood that the conference has received high attention from a wide range of scientific and technological workers at home and abroad. Most of the experts and scholars attending the conference have high social influence and popularity at home and abroad, and are highly representative in the industry

the opening ceremony of the conference was presided over by Professor panjiangen, chairman of Fareast optoelectronics. Yoshi Ohno, CIE chairman of the international lighting Committee, bingshukui, chairman of China Lighting society, Professor cuiyiping, vice chairman of CIE, Ma Jinming, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Tongji University, Professor Youko Inoue, ieij representative of Japan lighting society, Jae man Ryu, kiiee representative of Korea lighting electrical equipment society, vice chairman of China Lighting society, rotating chairman of the 10th Asian lighting conference Professor haoluoxi of School of architecture and urban planning of Tongji University and other guests delivered speeches and gave good wishes at the opening ceremony of the conference

president Bing Shukui said at the conference that Asia is the production and R & D base of LED lighting products, with a large number of Lighting Science and technology workers and well-known enterprises. This gathering of Lighting Science and technology workers from Asian countries will bring more, better and updated scientific and technological achievements and lighting concepts. Such technical exchanges and emotional exchanges fully reflect the spirit of sharing lighting scientific and technological achievements. China Lighting society will strive to carry out more extensive exchanges and cooperation with academic groups and lighting science and technology workers in Asian countries to jointly promote the progress of lighting technology in Asia and promote the development of lighting industry

Professor Hao Luoxi, the rotating chairman of the 10th Asian lighting conference, also said in his speech that CJK, as the most influential professional conference in Asia, has attracted the attention of young scholars from China, Japan and South Korea. For nine consecutive years, CJK has successfully shared and communicated with each other and established a bond of friendship and academic exchange. In the tenth year, CJK was promoted to ALC, embarked on a larger ship, loaded with scholars from Asian countries, and set sail again for a brighter future. ALC is a new milestone. It will sound the strongest voice in Asia to the world and make great contributions to the lighting field in the world

in addition, at the opening ceremony, Professor haoluoxi, Dr. Youko Inoue, and Professor jaeman Ryu were present at the meeting of Dr. Yoshi Ohno, chairman of CIE, Professor Warren Julian of the University of Sydney, Professor chanyaporn chuntamara of the Royal Institute of technology of Thailand, Professor cuiyiping, vice chairman of CIE, Mr. bingshukui, chairman of China Lighting society, Ms. Xuhuai, former chairman of CIE, Mr. doulinping, secretary general, Professor liangrongqing, vice chairman of CIE, Mr. Hua Shuming Mr. liushiping, former vice president, Mr. Ma Jinming, deputy secretary of Tongji University, Professor Yoshitaka Kim, Japanese president, chenyansheng, President of China Lighting Appliance Association, Ms. Wuling, Secretary General of national semiconductor lighting engineering R & D and Industry Alliance, Mr. luzeming, President of Shanghai Lighting Appliance Association and other guests witnessed the opening of the conference

the theme of this session is "human centric lighting in Asia". The conference has 29 oral reports, 20 short oral reports and more than 100 posted reports, and a workshop session. The two-day conference carried out in-depth research and Discussion on hot issues such as residential lighting, intelligent lighting, visual perception, light health and light pollution, which promoted the international exchange and cooperation level of Asian lighting industry

in the keynote report, Mr. zhongdekun, Ph.D. of the University of Nottingham, Professor of Southeast University, Dean of the school of architecture of Shenzhen University and distinguished professor, made the opening report. He described the history and culture of Chinese oil lamps from ancient times to modern times with the title of "oil lamps in the long river of Chinese history and culture". He believed that oil lamps experienced changes from utensils to types, from fire to lamps, and from Tibet to appreciation. He also introduced the representative technologies of China's oil lamps: green energy-saving oil lamps, one lamp dual-purpose multi-functional oil lamps, mosquito killing oil lamps and portable oil lamps

Professor Yoshi Ohno, the current chairman of CIE of the international lighting Commission, brought the report "CIE research strategy - the future of lighting color quality", in which he pointed out the problems existing in CRI and put forward a new report on 2017 color fidelity index. He said that this report can not completely replace CRI, but help CRI better measure and regulate the existence of color

the specially invited report was shared by experts and scholars from China, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. Hua Shuming, vice president of Chinese CIS, analyzed the development status of semiconductor lighting in China, and pointed out that the future of the whole lighting must be people-oriented; Takashi irikura from Japan shared the experimental report on the effect of glare on visual fatigue. The final results showed that glare would aggravate visual fatigue and reduce the ability to sense color; Kwak youngshin of South Korea pays attention to the choice of color preference. She proposed that color preference should be applied to the lighting industry; Singapore's Chien SZU Cheng proposed a design strategy higher than visual lighting

the conference also set up two parallel workshops with the themes of urban light pollution control and light health, which were hosted by Professor Kim Hoon from South Korea and researcher Dai Qi from China. Representatives of various countries held heated academic discussions on the current situation of their respective countries, and put forward a series of solutions to the existing problems

in the short oral report on the 18th, young scholars from various countries shared their research directions. In China, the content covers health lighting, residential lighting, lighting engineering design, lamp application and other fields; In South Korea, the content shared focuses on the visual perception of light environment and the recent exploration of new lighting technologies. Japan mainly shared the cutting-edge technologies such as intelligent lighting and lighting control; Young scholars from other countries share relevant contents around the theme of the conference

young scholars from China's Tongji University, Tianjin University, Dalian University of technology, Southeast University, Chongqing University, Dalian University of technology, Guangdong University of technology, Shenzhen University, Shandong University of architecture, Guangzhou Academy of fine arts and other well-known domestic institutions made oral reports at various venues and communicated with the participants, showing the good style of lighting workers in China

in addition, the "poster session" link was formed in the form of posting paper posters at the meeting site. Participants gathered in front of the posters to discuss the topic of the paper with the author of the paper, and conducted in-depth communication on the changes in the topic selection field and research topic of the paper

A grand award ceremony was held after the report. After the evaluation of the organizing committee, each country selected one excellent paper, five best student papers from the government level and several participation awards. In order to pay tribute to the scholars who have made outstanding contributions to the Asian lighting conference, the forum also set up a "special contribution award", which was awarded to Mr. liushiping, former vice president of China Lighting society. Li Guang, associate professor of Guangzhou Academy of fine arts, and Yang Xiu, from Tongji University, contributed to the change of the new image of the conference and won the certificate of "logo design"

in order to thank the enterprises for their support to the conference, the organizing committee also awarded "sponsor awards" to enterprises such as distant optoelectronics, Feile sound, Halsey, OSRAM, Yongdian lighting, sunshine lighting, Jingyi digital, and mulinson

it is gratifying that student volunteers from Tongji University also showed their skills at this international conference, providing a high-quality guarantee for the smooth holding of the Asian lighting conference

finally, the conference held a flag handover ceremony. Japan took over the flag of the Asian lighting conference and introduced the preparations for the 11th Asian lighting conference in 2018. The 11th Asian lighting conference will be held at Kobe University, Japan, from September 13 to 14, 2018

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