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The reorganization of Sinosteel Jilin Carbon is suspended, or the reorganization of Sinosteel Jilin Carbon is suspended due to the suspected insider trading of related parties, or the M & A and reorganization application of Sinosteel Jilin Carbon is suspended due to the suspected insider trading of related parties. According to the statements and practices of the CSRC, the reason may be related to the suspected insider trading of relevant parties involved in the reorganization. Yesterday, people close to Sinosteel group also admitted that it may be related to insider trading. "Many links are involved in the planning of major issues by central enterprises. Restructuring (4) putting the experimental equipment on the experimental machine and deciding to convey it to the listed company is the last link."

at present, the regulatory authorities have not detailed the nature and details of the violation, and Sinosteel Jitan has not received the notice on the reasons for the suspension of the audit

the application for restructuring was blocked, and the stock price fell by the limit

yesterday, Sinosteel Jilin Carbon opened at the limit price, opened in the middle, and finally closed at the limit

this is related to an announcement made by the company last Saturday: "the company has received a notice from the China Securities Regulatory Commission that the relevant parties involved in this restructuring are suspected of troubleshooting one by one, and have been checked and filed. The review of our company's M & a application has been suspended. At present, we have not received a notice of investigation on the filing of a listed company."

according to investigation, Sinosteel Jilin Carbon disclosed the draft of major asset restructuring on August 14, and the restructuring application was accepted by the CSRC on September 23

according to the transaction draft, Sinosteel Jitan plans to dispose all assets and liabilities and purchase 100% equity of Sinosteel equipment jointly held by Sinosteel shares and Sinosteel assets through asset replacement and share issuance. Sinosteel shares and Sinosteel assets are subordinate to Sinosteel group; In a recent interview with plastic news, Alan barcon, the market development manager of PolyOne, Sinosteel group, said that the majority shareholder of Sinosteel geetan holds 46.32% equity. Sinosteel group is 100% funded by SASAC

data acquisition → listing shows that Sinosteel equipment is one of the leading enterprises in China's metallurgical engineering industry. In 2011, 2012 and January March 2013, the operating revenue of Sinosteel equipment was 8.23 billion yuan, 8.88 billion yuan and 2.21 billion yuan respectively, and the net profit attributable to the owners of the parent company was 230million yuan, 310million yuan and 960160000 yuan respectively. As of december31,2012, the total contract amount of Sinosteel equipment in hand projects was about 22.882 billion yuan

after the resumption of trading, Sinosteel Jilin Carbon Co., Ltd. rose about 17% in two days, followed by a sharp decline. Looking back, there was a change in the stock price of Sinosteel Jilin Carbon on the last trading day before the suspension. On May 13, Sinosteel Jilin Carbon opened at a low price, then rose all the way, and finally closed up 6.5%. The turnover of 93.31 million yuan was significantly higher than the average level of previous days, while the market was weak on the same day

the review can still be resumed after the impact is eliminated.

according to the above-mentioned person, the intention of restructuring should have been communicated at the level of Sinosteel group before the suspension. On May 13, the listed company officially received this notice. "According to the notice of the CSRC disclosed by Sinosteel Jilin Carbon, the relevant participants have been checked and filed, but the listed company has not received the notice of filing and investigation. It can be roughly speculated that this event has nothing to do with the listed company for the time being."

according to the self inspection of Sinosteel Jilin Carbon, the closing price of Sinosteel Jilin carbon was 8.50 yuan/share on April 11, 2013; On may13,2013, the closing price of Sinosteel Jilin Carbon Steel Co., Ltd. was 9.66 yuan/share, during which the company's share price increased by 13.65%; From April 11 to May 13, 2013, the Shenzhen Composite Index rose by 1.05% in total

in the transaction draft of Sinosteel Jitan on August 14, with regard to the explanation of the stock price fluctuation before the suspension and the self-examination of the stock trading of relevant subjects, it is said that Sinosteel Jitan, Sinosteel shares, Sinosteel assets, Sinosteel equipment and intermediary information insiders and their immediate family members did not trade stocks during the verification period

previously, Hangzhou Jiebai also suspended the audit because the Hangzhou building under the state-owned assets to be purchased was involved in insider trading. Existing cases show that listed companies whose review is suspended due to the involvement of relevant parties in illegal acts such as insider trading can still resume the review after eliminating the impact of insider trading

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