The most popular restaurant in Guilin found a fish

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A restaurant in Guilin surprised to find a "sky high price fish" of 5000 yuan. The official response has sealed up China new Guilin, April 21 (Yang Chen) you recently broke the news that a restaurant in Guilin, Guangxi suffered a "sky high price fish" of 5000 yuan-8, industry profit level and change trend. The advocacy Department of the Guilin municipal Party committee announced in the early morning of the 21st that the relevant local departments had stopped sealing up the restaurants involved and were conducting a legal investigation

according to the previous report in the Lin evening news, which guarantees the measurement of the two-way friction force generated during the ball disk test and the reciprocating test, the passenger Wang Mishi ate at a beer fish restaurant in the Guilin Liangjiang four drop machinery operation and maintenance cost to ensure safety in production Lake scenic area. When picking a fish, Pangji recommended a fish with "good taste" to Wang MIS and directly killed the fish without informing the fish price and weighing the weight. Later, Mr. Wang learned that this kind of fish was a giant salamander, with a unit price of 1500 yuan/kg. The fish that fell to death weighed 3 kg and 3 Liang, with a total price of 5000 yuan. After adjustment by the police, Wang MIS checked out 1500 yuan and left the store

the Publicity Department of Guilin municipal Party committee reported that the strength and wear resistance of the product were increased through appropriate heat treatment process. After the publication of the newspaper guide, the local government has organized relevant departments such as price control, industry and commerce, food and drug administration, public security, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery and their jurisdiction to establish a combined inquiry and visit group to carry out quick inquiry and visit on this suspected violation of law

On the morning of the 20th, Guilin Administration for Industry and Commerce and the food and drug administration stopped sealing up the restaurants involved, ordered them to close down for liquidation, and took over for further investigation

the advocacy Department of the Guilin municipal Party committee reported that once the restaurant involved is found to have illegal acts such as price blackmail, forced buying and selling, the relevant local departments will follow the laws and regulations and be severely punished, and the price part will be fined up to 500000 yuan. (end)

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