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The Ministry of Commerce responded to the EU's anti-dumping of photovoltaic products to China. The Ministry of Commerce held a regular press conference today to brief on China's business operation in June and answer questions. Shendanyang, spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, said at the press conference that China is highly concerned about the EU photovoltaic anti-dumping case against China. It is hoped that the European Commission can face up to the reality, carefully assess its interests, take practical actions, oppose the tax proposal, actively and seriously fulfill its commitment to resolve frictions through consultation, properly resolve the light case, and safeguard the overall situation of China EU bilateral relations

Recently, the media widely reported that the European Commission has proposed a preliminary determination on the EU photovoltaic anti-dumping case against China, proposing to impose a temporary anti-dumping duty from 37% to 68%. It is said that the European Commission is seeking the views of Member States on the above proposal. In this regard, shendanyang expressed the hope that this matter was not true and that it was the best false news. However, if the news is true, the European Commission's actions will seriously violate the multilateral consensus, and the EU's actions will also seriously endanger China EU economic and trade relations

shendanyang said that since the outbreak of the international financial crisis, leaders of all countries, including the EU, have repeatedly reiterated on G20 and other occasions that it is necessary to avoid adopting new trade and investment protectionism. On this point, China has indeed fulfilled its commitments. "Although there is evidence that the EU has obvious government subsidies for some products, Chinese enterprises require us to take corresponding relief measures. However, China has always maintained a restrained attitude," shendanyang said. The current world economy particularly needs countries to join hands to resist trade protectionism, eliminate trade barriers and achieve common development. That reckless and willful abuse of trade remedy measures not only seriously violates the commitments of leaders of all countries and is not conducive to the settlement of trade frictions, but also undermines the process of economic recovery and seriously undermines the confidence in recovery

shendanyang said that China has noticed that the photovoltaic case has attracted much attention and controversy within the EU. Recently, more than 1500 photovoltaic product importers and installation enterprises in the EU have jointly written to the Trade Commissioner of the European Commission, opposing a very small number of production enterprises to tax Chinese products for their own interests, or to sacrifice the overall interests of the EU for the interests of a very small number of production enterprises. The report of European research institutions also shows that restricting Chinese products will lead to the loss of nearly 200000 jobs in the EU, and there is no consensus on whether the EU Member States should levy taxes. Recently, the economic policy spokesman of the parliamentary group of the European Union Party of Germany said that imposing punitive tariffs on Chinese photovoltaic products is not a solution to the need for German photovoltaic to further develop geometric processing methods to allow users to upload individual data The correct way of STL file industry, on the contrary, will bring huge losses to the German photovoltaic industry, especially some small and medium-sized enterprises. People of insight from the European side believe that taking the initiative to provoke trade frictions with China while the EU has not yet completely shaken off the crisis will not only fail to solve the plight of EU industries caused by backward technology and lack of funds, but also further reduce the driving effect and potential of China EU trade and economic cooperation on EU economic growth. Undoubtedly, it is "throwing a stone at one's own feet", or "throwing a stone at one's own head", harming others and not benefiting oneself, In other words, it hurts both others and yourself

shendanyang stated that up to today, China's position of resolving friction through dialogue and consultation has not changed. After all, as a strategic partner and economic and trade partner, China and the EU have extensive cooperation in the economic and trade field, which is enough to bring enlightenment to the industry. At present, the debt crisis in Europe is not over, and China's economic development is also facing many difficulties. Promoting and expanding bilateral trade and investment is common between China and Europe. Both sides should focus more on expanding bilateral economic and trade cooperation and improving the level of bilateral economic and trade development

"cooperation between China and the EU will benefit both sides, and confrontation will hurt both sides". Shendanyang stressed that China does not want to see the overall situation of sound China EU economic and trade cooperation affected, let alone fight a trade war with the EU. It is hoped that the European side will return to the consensus reached before on the negotiation and settlement of trade frictions as soon as possible and resolve their concerns through dialogue and consultation

China will safeguard its legitimate rights and interests

recently, China has experienced constant foreign trade frictions. In addition to the photovoltaic industry, wireless communication networks and related parts and components have also been troubled. The European Commission announced on the 15th that it decided in principle to launch anti-dumping and countervailing investigations on wireless communication networks and key equipment produced in China. Although the investigation was not launched immediately, the European Commission made the above-mentioned gesture in the midst of many objections, which still seemed to be a "overlord bent hard"

the most interesting thing about this incident is that the case was initiated by the European Commission, rather than at the request of the real estate industry and the company. The previous practice of the European Union was that the European Commission began trade investigation after local enterprises applied. Behind this case, it is inappropriate to measure the deflection by using the displacement of the beam. There are not only trade disputes between the EU and China on communication products, but also games between the EU and Member States

in this regard, shendanyang said that China has always advocated resolving trade frictions through consultation. Since the second half of last year, China and the EU have maintained close dialogue and communication on the problems encountered in the development of wireless communication equipment industry, and have held several rounds of consultations. The communication channels between the two sides have always been smooth and open

according to shendanyang, not long ago, a high-level delegation of the European Commission visited China and held consultations with China on this issue. After the consultation, the European side expressed that it was constructive and would study and reply to the settlement suggestions put forward by the Chinese side

"now, the European side has made such a decision without any reply, which makes people have to doubt the sincerity of the European side in resolving contradictions through consultation." shendanyang said that for a long time, the cooperation between China and the EU in the field of wireless communication has been mutually beneficial and win-win, and the Chinese market has always been open. In the field of wireless communication, the share of EU enterprises in the Chinese market is higher than that of Chinese enterprises in the EU market. Unilateral measures taken by the European side will certainly damage the interests of China and the EU. Therefore, most EU member states do not agree with the double anti investigation of Chinese products. The EU industry does not support it

"therefore, we hope that the European side will not do anything that is not good for everyone. If the European side insists on starting the investigation, China will take resolute measures to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests in accordance with WTO rules and Chinese laws, and the resulting consequences must be borne by the party that provokes the friction," shendanyang said. China glass () Department

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