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Wallpaper, also known as wallpaper, is a widely used interior decoration material. Wallpaper is more and more popular because of its incomparable characteristics, such as diverse colors, rich patterns, luxurious style, safety and environmental protection, convenient construction, appropriate price and so on

in home decoration, many people like to use wallpaper to create a fashionable or warm feeling of home, but we often see that the choice of wallpaper in some families is not so perfect, either the pattern is too fancy and does not match the style of the overall home decoration, or the choice of materials is wrong. Therefore, the purchase, maintenance and tiling of wallpaper are all technical activities. Next, Xiaobian will introduce the misunderstanding of wallpaper purchase and the identification of good and bad wallpaper

wallpaper purchase misunderstanding

1. Wallpaper is an outdated product

correction: This is mainly because when you mention wallpaper, people will think of the large patterns and very colorful patterns that flooded the market in the past few years, but over the years, people's consumer psychology and ability to appreciate beauty have changed greatly, and wallpaper also presents a new face in front of people

2. Wallpaper is toxic and harmful to human body

correction: This is a wrong publicity orientation. From the perspective of current production and technology, most Wallpapers do not contain harmful ingredients such as lead and benzene, and from the perspective of application, the more developed countries have higher requirements for environmental protection, and the amount and surface of wallpapers used in developed countries are far more than ours, so the claim that wallpapers are toxic is unscientific

3. Wallpaper is not easy to take care of when it is dirty, and its color is easy to change after a long time. Correction: This is the old concept and gap. The service life of wallpaper is basically the same as that of latex paint. After a few years of use, latex paint is prone to peeling, discoloration, dirty, difficult to clean, and the color is very single. The biggest feature of wallpaper is that it can be updated at any time, constantly changing the atmosphere of home space, If you change it once in a few years, it is undoubtedly a kind of spiritual adjustment and enjoyment to spend a little money and time to change the living environment. Moreover, today's wallpapers, especially fiber wallpapers, are very easy to take care of. If they are dirty, you can clean them with a wet cloth, and the color will not change

4. Wallpaper is easy to fall off, and it is troublesome to update

correction: This is not the problem of the wallpaper itself, but the problem of the pasting process and glue quality. Moreover, many wallpapers are backward in uncovering and do not damage the bottom treatment. They can be directly re pasted. The construction is simple and tasteless. Unlike the irritating smell of a long time after the paint is re painted, people cannot move into residence immediately

5. High cost of wallpaper

correction: more investment will lead to more harvest. The effect grade that wallpaper can embody and create is far beyond that of other materials. Therefore, in terms of input and output, it is a choice of value for money

identification of good and bad wallpaper

a look: decor and interface

identify the good and bad wallpaper. First, check whether the color on the surface of the wallpaper is uniform, whether there is color difference, color seepage, blur, etc. usually the clearer the pattern, the better; The second is to look at the weaving number and fineness, mainly for non-woven fabrics and wall fabrics. We must look at both sides. Generally, the higher the surface texture density, the better the quality

second touch: feel and toughness

some people think that the thicker the wallpaper, the better. Insiders say this is a misunderstanding. The quality of wallpaper is mainly related to paper, technology and toughness, which has no direct relationship with thickness. When identifying wallpaper by hand, the most important thing is to look at the feel and toughness, especially flocking wallpaper, which is most likely to feel the difference between good and bad. Generally, the softer and more comfortable the feel, the better the quality and the stronger the flexibility. However, if it is domestic wallpaper with the same material, compared with imported wallpaper, imported wallpaper will be relatively thick and dense

three smells: inferior wallpaper has peculiar smell

in addition, real environmental wallpaper is tasteless, but if it is made of inferior materials, it will have a pungent smell. If you touch it closely and smell it carefully, you can smell it

four wipes: test wear resistance and dirt resistance

the wear resistance and dirt resistance of wallpaper can not be ignored. It is suggested that consumers can draw a few pictures on the paper with a pencil and then use an eraser during the purchase process. Generally, high-end high-quality wallpaper is easy to wipe clean even if the surface has concave and convex texture. On the contrary, if it is low-quality wallpaper, it is easy to scratch or not clean

five dips: test the waterproof and mildew resistance

because the wallpaper is paper, many people are worried about its waterproof effect. You can try pouring a drop of water on the wallpaper (wallpaper decoration effect drawing). If you wait for 2-3 minutes, the water has not penetrated, indicating that the waterproof of this wallpaper is good, otherwise indicating that the waterproof of the wallpaper is not enough

editor's summary: This is about the misunderstanding of wallpaper purchase and the identification of good and bad wallpaper. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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