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Every holiday, the preferential promotion of major home stores has become a routine. If you don't promote, you feel chic. This year's may day home stores are no exception, and quotation promotion is still the mainstream. However, most businesses have now realized that their role in the quotation war seems to be less ambitious. In the fierce professional competition of doors and windows, the quotation war is not a long-term plan. The key for the door and window agency company to go further is to make good products

sales promotion in home stores has become a routine function and is not ambitious.

home shopping malls are in recession, and they can't be sold without sales promotion. However, the promotion is not ideal. No matter how big the discount is, the consumers are still depressed and the business is still difficult to do. As the saying goes, rarity is the most valuable thing. In the face of the current year-round promotional offensive in home stores, there is nothing new for consumers, it is difficult not to feel tired, and even have doubts about business activities. Consumers' scruples are not unreasonable. Anyone who sees yesterday's "jump price", today's "big sale", and tomorrow's "big loss" promotion will not be confused - can businesses support the daily promotion price? In the "no promotion, no sale" shopping malls, businesses are also in a dilemma. They can't sell without promotion, and promotion consumers don't trust them

facing the doubts of consumers, businesses can only secretly complain. But the merchants are also undeserved. Furniture shopping malls are also responsible for strange image businesses that cannot be sold without promotions. Furniture shopping malls are in a downturn, and professional competitions are intensifying. In order to survive and develop, merchants' promotion methods emerge in endlessly, and the most common is the quotation war. You drop 800 and I drop 500. This vicious competition of arbitrarily lowering the quotation did not stir up the shopping mall, but cooled the hearts of consumers

the key for the door and window agency company to carry out the goods well in the long run

at present, there are many door and window brands in shopping malls, and the homogenization of goods is severe. When facing the goods of Shenxiao, consumers often have difficulty selecting. Facing the hesitation of consumers, the promotion of door and window merchants comes in handy. Merchants try their best to attract consumers to stop and provide clerks with a chance to introduce products. Unlike FMCG spending, in most home shopping malls, consumers come with needs, so it is important to attract customers. Therefore, businesses will try their best to attract customers. It doesn't matter whether consumers trust each other. As long as this gimmick is satisfied, it can make people stop and look, and even enter the store for consultation, businesses will seize the opportunity to sell sensitively

the practice of businesses is understandable, because no matter who can be indifferent to the pressure of livelihood development, it does not mean that this practice is very successful. "Quotation war" cannot bring substantial benefits to the development of the company. This "opportunistic" promotion method can only be used as a "seasoning" in the market competition, which is optional, and it is not necessarily that it will eventually be eliminated by the market. The long-term quotation and promotion will damage the interests of consumers and eventually affect the healthy development of the profession, which is also a disaster for businesses. Therefore, for the door and window agency company, it is very important to do a good job in professional brand, concentrate on goods, and portray their own professional image with word-of-mouth

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