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On December 5, 2016 China home furnishing industry reshaping industrial chain value system conference and China home furnishing industry leading entrepreneurs' annual meeting were grandly held in Guangzhou. Deville won the two honors of "top ten customized furniture brands" and "low-carbon environmental protection demonstration brands"

on December 5, 2016 China's home furnishing industry reshaped the value system of the industrial chain and the annual meeting of leading entrepreneurs of China's home furnishing industry was held in Guangzhou Nanfeng Langhao hotel. Deville was invited to attend, and stood out in the competition of many industry brands, winning the two honors of "top ten customized furniture brands" and "low-carbon environmental protection demonstration brands", shining in the audience

(Deville won two awards at the same time)

the three-day industry forum was hosted by the furniture decoration industry chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and commerce. It is a top-level annual event with the largest scale, the highest pattern, the most accurate content and the most recognized by the industry this year. Celebrities in the home furnishing industry gathered in Yangcheng, gathered their wisdom, and discussed in depth how to build an open, inclusive and collaborative home furnishing ecosystem with the Internet + industrial chain as the core under the new economic situation, so as to achieve the purpose of leading the common development of the industry. After 2015, Deville was able to stand on the supreme stage of the industry again and win two awards, not only because of the high recognition of the industry and the market, but also because of the efforts made by Deville in 2016

(the general representative of Deville won the award on the stage)

walk with Germany and explore the future

2016 is the last year of Deville's three-year brand development strategy, which means that Deville's brand construction will reach a new level. Through the discussion and exchange with top brands in the industry, it can be seen that de Ville's exploration of brand strategy is also an important part of the industry's construction of future industrial chain value. In the era of "Internet +", the efforts and achievements made by Deville from the production end to the sales end are obvious to all

in terms of production, Deville has added a second industrial park of 80000 square meters and introduced German Haomai flexible automation production line, which has greatly enhanced its capacity to cope with the rapidly growing market demand in the next 3-5 years; In terms of service, we have reached a strategic cooperation with Yuanfang software to truly connect the production end and sales end, replace manual order splitting with intelligent order splitting, reduce the error rate of orders, and further shorten the delivery cycle; In terms of channels, we have independently built a full house customized o2o E-commerce mall, creating a one-stop customization experience with rich characteristic services, subverting the traditional offline marketing mode, guiding offline stores for free, and improving terminal performance; In terms of terminal building, Deville and Sihe consulting, a well-known marketing consulting team in the industry, jointly launched the "super D6" system to help the terminal store achieve a comprehensive upgrade. It can be said that Deville made a qualitative leap from brand to terminal in 2016

(group photo of award-winning brand representatives, shining in the audience)

the times are changing, and enterprise development needs to keep pace with the times. Deville will continue to play the spirit of daring to change and become an explorer and leader in the customization industry. Let's wait and see




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