Qingsong ward smart lock new finger core low-energ

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Qingsong ward 907 finger core low-energy fingerprint algorithm chip has smaller size, faster speed and lower power consumption., With a number of patented technologies, it has the best balance between size and performance

smaller size ・ faster speed ・ lower power consumption

ultra low power consumption

arm cortex-m4 FPU processor core

designed for high-end applications with strict power consumption

effectively prolong the battery life of intelligent devices

highly integrated

sd memory card and controller, TFT display | external memory High speed peripheral integration

designed for high-end applications with strictly limited power consumption

provides the maximum storage capacity of the same product

security guarantee

built-in finger qsfinder2.4 high security feature point fingerprint algorithm engine

based on the lot Internet of things security third-generation biometric technology


very small volume | high speed computing | surging power | technology leadership

size is only 3*3mm

single fingerprint comparison time 0 25 seconds

equipped with fingertips, the world's first 64K high security fingerprint algorithm

irreversible fingerprint feature template technology

self adaptation, self adjustment, self memory, deep learning Image correction technology

the best balance between size and performance

standard configuration in the era of intelligent IOT

authoritative certification

chip modules have fully passed ROHS | FCC | CE | authoritative certification of the Ministry of public security

from fingercore technology sincere contribution

20 years of focus on multimodal biometric technology

more than 100 patents and intellectual property escort





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