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High quality service, perfect quality, create excellence? As the saying goes, customers are God. To attract God's patronage, enterprises must provide customers with the best products and services to satisfy God. Zhuoyi Valentino platinum kitchen has cultivated the market for many years and deeply understands the needs of customers. After more than ten years of efforts, Zhuoyi Valentino's high-quality service and perfect quality have won the recognition of customers. Through continuous efforts, the brand of Zhuoyi Valentino has been raised to a new level

professional teams provide perfect services

to provide customers with the best service, we must have the best service team. Zhuoyi Valentino has a professional after-sales service team, network all over the country, 400 service phone service. The sales outlets interact and coordinate with the factory, and establish a rapid response mechanism. After receiving the customer's after-sales service complaint, the after-sales service personnel can quickly rush to the customer's site, inquire about the cause of the problem, evaluate the degree of maintenance, and negotiate with the consumer to decide on a solution. If the on-site maintenance can be solved, immediately send maintenance personnel to the site for treatment. If the on-site treatment cannot be carried out, immediately contact the factory for maintenance, and never delay or prevaricate, Let consumers feel that the service is considerate

in addition, we also provide customers with all-round technical support and consulting services for the whole process of design, measurement, manufacturing, delivery, installation, maintenance and maintenance. Because we firmly believe that only through strict management, quality assurance and quality service can we obtain good market returns, and the products produced by enterprises can become truly good products that consumers can trust, and play a role in boosting the brand construction of enterprises, which is also the root of enterprise survival

pay attention to service details and satisfy customers

only by satisfying customers can products have a way out and the company grow. However, how can customers be 100% satisfied

Zhuoyi valdino believes that in the treatment of service, we should not only solve big problems, but also pay close attention to the details of service, nip all adverse conditions in the bud, and in the face of customer complaints, even if there is a loose problem in a small door panel, we should respond immediately, follow up the complaints, and solve the problems for customers 100%. In terms of details, Zhuoyi vatino requires employees to pay attention to service etiquette during door-to-door installation and maintenance. In addition, employees need to keep customers' homes clean. If it is really impossible to avoid dirt, they need to clean the site after completion before leaving. These are small details, but we know that details determine success or failure. Only by grasping the details can customers be 100% satisfied

platinum brand, platinum quality

Zhuoyi vatino regards platinum kitchen as the brand positioning of the company. That's because Zhuoyi vatino is a leading cabinet enterprise specializing in the development and production of stainless steel cabinets in China. Stainless steel integrates performance, appearance and use characteristics. In the cabinet industry, stainless steel is the most high-end material, which has similar characteristics with platinum. Platinum kitchen can better express the brand characteristics and advantages of Zhuoyi Valentino, which shows Zhuoyi Valentino's proposition of "customizing platinum life" and its determination to create a global model of stainless steel integrated kitchen

Zhuoyi Valentino brand originated in Europe and originated in China. It integrates simple and classic personality into each cabinet product, making the details of each product full of artist temperament. The materials and processes of this series of products are the top level in Europe, and its unique platinum grade products are suitable for people with different living tastes. In Zhuoyi Valentino, designers got rid of blind imitation. Designers began to heavily tap the quintessence of the country, redefine the tradition, and skillfully integrate oriental culture into modern fashion. Large quantities of platinum quality products that are exclusive to you have given China's private customization its own soul

Zhuoyi valdino understands that in the fierce market competition, quality is the foundation and service is the foundation. If enterprises want to break through the market, on the one hand, they need to improve themselves to ensure the quality of products; On the other hand, it is our goal to improve the service quality, lead the market with high-quality service and raise the brand to a new height





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