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Decoration negotiation expert cultivation strategy

>& gt;& gt; Talent tips: preparations before decoration

the one-time investment in decoration is not a small amount for a family. With the acceleration of the pace of urban life in recent years, it makes “ Heavy decoration, light decoration ” The decoration style of has been gradually accepted by consumers. Similarly, the means of decoration are limited after all, and can not meet the design requirements of personalized home. Furniture and home decorations with various styles and styles can make the style of the room change at will. Therefore, many people only want high-quality “ Four white landing ”, Use decorative means to shape the style of home. Naturally, they spend most of their budget on decoration. From this point of view, one-time investment in decoration costs can also be greatly reduced

method 1

prepare the floor plan of the room

the owner who has mastered this principle can then negotiate with the decoration company in two ways: first, the owner makes a quotation to the decoration company, and the personnel of the decoration company will help design and budget according to the money prepared by the owner; Second, the owner puts forward specific decoration requirements, the decoration company puts forward the price, and then the owner approves it. For the owners of the first decoration, you might as well listen to the opinions of the professionals of the decoration company. The owner needs to provide the plan of the new room. When formulating the budget, he should review the drawings first. A complete, detailed and accurate set of drawings is the basis of the budget quotation. At the same time, it is also necessary to list the projects to be done, and then estimate according to the price parameters provided by the decoration market to obtain the decoration budget




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