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Stones with natural patterns and beautiful colors provide a wide range of creative elements for interior designers. In home decoration, more and more people hope to use some natural stones locally to increase the taste of simplicity

stones with natural patterns and beautiful colors provide a wide range of creative elements for interior designers. In home decoration, more and more people hope to use some natural stones locally to increase the taste of simplicity. Compared with other building materials products, stone materials are very particular from selection, paving to later maintenance. If you don't pay attention, stone materials can't show their due beauty

look at the surface of high-quality stones

the advantages and disadvantages of natural stones depend on the quality of raw materials and processing technology. The high-quality stone surface does not contain too many variegated colors. The color distribution is uniform, and there is no light or thick situation. However, the inferior stone will have many "defects" that cannot be covered after processing. Therefore, the pattern and tone of the stone surface is an important indicator to evaluate the quality of the stone. If the processing technology and process are not qualified, the processed finished products will appear warpage, depression, color spots, stains, missing edges and corners, cracks, color lines, pits and other phenomena. Of course, such stones are not "top-grade"

according to people who specialize in selling imported stones, high-quality natural stones should have neat cutting edges without missing corners, smooth surface, high brightness, and no roughness when touched by hand

avoid "dark days" in floor decoration.

use stones in home decoration. Don't make the home "dark days". You should choose those light colored stones as floor decoration materials, which can give people a warm and quiet feeling, and also have the effect of expanding the floor area

in terms of varieties, we should try to choose marble and granite stones that are wear-resistant and acid and alkali resistant. In terms of price, the light granite series with large output is relatively cheap, which is suitable for general income families to choose and buy. It is also good to replace the damaged parts or ingredients. In terms of plate specifications, the ground should try to choose granite sheet (8 ~ 12mm), which mainly considers the strength of the ground and the load-bearing of the house

the color of the table top should be dirt resistant

when stone decorative products enter the family, they are more made into the table top of all kinds of furniture, which needs to consider the pollution problem. Therefore, we should choose stones with darker colors, such as marble and granite of green, blue and red series. The decorative effect will be better for those varieties with large patterns in marble

if stone is needed for the operating table of the kitchen, it should be 25mm thick, preferably granite. Because granite in the kitchen too much acid, alkali environment, can be durable without losing luster, and has quite high strength

there is a set of pavement maintenance

because decorative stone is a natural product, the pattern and color characteristics of each plate are different, and the pattern and color must be gradually extended and transitional through mosaic (color), so as to achieve the harmony of the overall color. After the patterns and colors are assembled, they should be numbered immediately so that they can be in place according to the number during installation. The number can be written directly on the board with a stick or a wood crayon, but it is forbidden to use a liquid colored pen to write a mark on the stone surface, otherwise, the colored liquid will penetrate into the stone and leave an indelible trace

during installation, first coat the ground with clean water slurry, then use 1:2.5 cement mortar as the bottom layer, tamp and level it, and then pour clean cement slurry and paste the stone. The thickness of the cement mortar base should be no less than 20mm. No one should walk or press heavy objects within 8 hours after the stone is paved, so as to avoid empty shells or uneven surfaces. At the same time, it must be noted that some imported stones are pasted with plastic networks on the back, and the sheet networks must be torn off before installation

after the renovation, it is best to use white car wax to paint a thin layer on the stone veneer for maintenance, and then scrub it every two weeks

which granite and marble can be selected

here are some granite and marble listed from low to high price, 600mm × Standard plates with a price of 600mm and less than 100 yuan per square meter include Anxi red, Luoyuan red, Quanzhou white, pearl flower, five lotus, Zhonghua, hailun white, Xidong red, Xiamen red, Yong'an red, etc

there are Huian red, Anxi red, cherry blossom red, crystal white jade, pearl red, Shidao red, sesame white, maple leaf red, big white flower, Sanbao red, Fugui red, Guilin Red, wood grain stone, crystal graphite, water peach red, grain fat cream, night Star snow gray white, Xiamen white, peach blossom red, Hunan white jade, black and white flower, Jinan green, general red, garnet red, etc

those priced at 200 to 400 yuan per square meter include Hubei, Mediterranean beige, China red, maple leaf red, huding red, wood beige, Taihang red, night Star snow, Wu maihong, cherry red, rose red, China green, sesame red, Taihang green, Phoenix Tail red, etc

those priced at 400 to 600 yuan per square meter include: Golden Flower beige, long march red, big flower green, palace jade, poinsettia, Chinese red, Asian ink, etc

those priced at more than 600 yuan per square meter are: night rose, peach red

imported stones include: Indian red, Brazilian blue, jazz white, South African red, fine white, Jinsha black, big flower green (Italy), blue hemp, Jinsha black, brown reticulate, Spanish beige, etc

imported stones are generally shaped processing plates, which are mostly used for luxury decoration. For ordinary families, Anxi red, sesame white and Quanzhou white with less than 100 yuan can be used. The lowest selling price of some sellers can be 60 yuan/square meter, which is cheaper than the ceramic glazed tiles of medium price. The firmness and wear resistance of stone is much better than that of ceramic tiles, so choosing low-cost thin plates as paving materials can be said to be cheap and good





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