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FlexSys flexographic printing simulator

in the actual production process, each of us will inevitably make some mistakes in one way or another. In the past, people thought that this was part of the learning and training process. Learning and training was completed in the process of these mistakes and correcting them. The results of the fifth national desertification and desertification land monitoring were displayed. But now people's ideas have changed, because these mistakes really waste a lot of valuable production time and expensive raw materials. FlexSys flexographic printing simulator is an ideal tool to meet our learning and training needs, friction fastness testing machine. It uses software designed for customers, which can simulate any kind of flexographic printing machine. It is a powerful test and learning training tool. At the same time, the system also allows students to practice the methods and skills of solving fault problems interactively. FlexSys system can bring your employees into a "virtual" printing workshop, and enable your company to be destroyed and replaced to keep up with the pace of the times, and always stand at the forefront of the flexographic printing industry. FlexSys flexographic printing simulator is an experimental and training program. It uses software specially designed for customers to simulate any kind of flexographic printing machine, and allows students to practice problem-solving skills interactively. Considering the effective use of the printing press and the specific production conditions, in order to achieve balance and efficiency between the two, the system is equipped with a monitor and has the function of cost analysis. During the operation of the system, the two monitors display the control of the printer and the status of the printed matter respectively. The display can respond in real time to changes in the printing machine (programmed), changes in materials and operational failures, but the recorded content is the operation carried out within the "actual" printing time. There are three different types of printing machine structures: satellite type (central type), unit type and corrugated box (box) type. The software platform allows unlimited "connection" of any digital information, which can further improve specific and customized processes. The system can not only be used to train printing workers, but also provide an opportunity for suppliers to demonstrate their products, that is, how to operate different products and raw materials with the change of production conditions. At the same time, the system can also provide cost accounting related to printing and raw materials, so that all production personnel can know this well. System features and functions: 1. The machine console and operation panel of the system are very similar to general flexographic printing machines. 2. As the cursor moves on the display screen, various components of the device can be displayed. 3. The two large screen displays of the system can always clearly show the structure of the machine and the state of the printed matter. 4. The system is also equipped with some necessary measuring tools in the industry: densitometer, spectrophotometer, 8x and 30x magnifying glass. 5. The system can also provide corresponding contract proofing for printed copies. 6. The system also summarizes printing faults, and can provide more than 600 specific printing faults, which can be displayed one by one for operators to understand and understand. 7. The summary and definition of various related terms, as well as the causes of printing failure, etc. 8. The system also provides a variety of training procedures with different levels of difficulty, so that teachers can formulate and adopt training procedures with different levels of difficulty according to the different levels and abilities of students. 9. The system can "connect" externally developed/advanced/advanced digital formats. 10. According to the needs of specific customers, it can also flexibly adjust and change the equipment technical specifications of the system, so as to meet the requirements of customers. 11. The machine structure of general price provides the average/number of manufacturing industries/numbers; It can increase the company's cost accounting for different production conditions/production conditions (or the simulated flexographic printing machine)

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