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Flint ink company enters the Indian market

flint ink company reached an agreement with incowax company to hold 51% of the shares of incowax company. Incowax is the main liquid ink supplier in India's packaging industry. The transaction has ended in April, marking flint ink company's entry into the Indian printing market

Jim Mahony, President of flint ink Europe, said, "in the first stage, we have held 51% of the shares of incowax, and we plan to increase it to 76% in a period of time."

incowax has more than 100 professional staff to provide solvent and water-based gravure and flexographic inks for major flexible packaging manufacturers in India. The company is located in Ba montmorillonite, which has hydrophilic and oil repellent properties, ngalore, and serves the entire Indian market. Its products are mainly produced by manufacturing plants located in Bangalore, Baroda, Hyderabad, hosur and Noida, and stored in two warehouses, Calcutta and Delhi. Ink is also exported to the Middle East and Southeast Asia

mahony said, "because we are optimistic about the prospects of the Indian market, we decided to invest in incowax. It is estimated that the scale of India's printing ink industry is 6 billion rupees (884 million pounds/1.285 billion dollars). This investment is also an important way for us to enter the Indian and Southeast Asian markets."

Flint ink company has invested its technology into Inc. they are the most common instruments in the laboratories of plastic mixing manufacturers. Owax company makes them not only occupy the existing field of liquid ink, but also enter the field of viscous ink. This technology will enable incowax to maintain and develop high standard products and maintain consistency with flint ink

inivasan will continue to serve as the executive director of incowax and welcome the existing experts of flint ink to work in incowax. Incowax has continued to grow since chairman ishnamoorty founded the company in 1973. The investment of flint ink company has further increased the future of incowax company, especially entering the viscous ink field, which has opened up the market of incowax company. Mr. K hopes to cooperate with flint ink company to provide customers with better products and high-quality services, which is the basis of success

Flint ink company set up an export Liaison Office in China

flint ink company announced its plan to set up an export Liaison Office in Shanghai to deepen its relationship with Chinese raw material suppliers. This plan is the first shot for flint ink company to implement global operation. They hope to bring the best value service to customers by providing additional purchase support

Flint ink has recently appointed bin Yu, the manager of the new office, and is expected to start full operation in the second half of this year. He is now busy with the staff of flint ink company in preparing to build a procurement office. Once finished, Mr. Yu will return to the daily affairs of the Shanghai Management Office

Mr. Yu's experience in Asian supply chain management will enhance flint ink's ability to develop the important relationships required by this important business. From import to production, Yu is a native Chinese who speaks fluent Mandarin, English and Cantonese. He has brought 10 years of professional experience in procurement, import and export, external procurement and management to his new position. Yu used to be an engineer in the petrochemical industry, and later served as the Department Manager of South China offshore oil joint service company, managing the import and export of chemicals and consumer products. He holds a bachelor's degree in physics and a master's degree in international management from Nanjing University

flint ink company and spectra company jointly develop print heads

with the recent signing of an agreement between flint ink company and spectra company, the development speed of water-based ink-jet printing on demand (DoD) has accelerated. Flint ink has developed a water-based arrowjettm AQ DOD ink production line, which enters the market together with solvent based inks and is more environmentally friendly. These inks are used on spectrum's nova-q print head, which is the industry's first 100% water-based ink DOD print head suitable for commercial and industrial purposes. This move means that it is possible to reduce VOC (volatile organic compounds) in the printing workshops of the whole industry. Nova-q is designed for commercial, wide format and packaging printing applications. The development of nova-q took nearly 12 months

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