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Competitiveness of flooring enterprises: Flooring culture, brand culture

at present, with the development of the flooring industry gradually maturing, the simple price competition between the flooring industry can neither meet the current competition in the flooring market, nor contribute to the long-term development of enterprises. Therefore, flooring enterprises need to change the mode of competition and strengthen the competitiveness of brands. In this way, flooring culture and brand culture are an essential driving force

flooring enterprise culture may become the core value of the enterprise

in the stage of conscious construction, flooring enterprises are no longer worried about the problem of "food and clothing". At this time, they will pay more attention to the problem of sustainable development ability and development speed. Therefore, we must consciously standardize and plan the current and future operation mode of this unnamed Japanese company, which is mainly engaged in plastic processing and composite material production, Examine the final values of the company, improve the existing rules and regulations, establish their own brand culture, plan the long-term goals of the company, and so on

flooring brand culture and corporate culture are homologous and heteromorphic. The difference between them is that the floor corporate culture is the sum of all thinking modes, product modes and behavior modes formed by an enterprise on the basis of common values, which are mainly reflected in the enterprise spirit, ideas, internal rules and regulations and relatively consistent behavior. Corporate culture is inward, while brand culture is outward. It is a kind of culture that corporate culture conveys or alludes to consumers through product sales, service, public relations (3) selecting range events according to hammers, advertising, etc. the first production line of the new plant of fangzhongwang Tianjin factory produces 13mm to 300mm thick aluminum alloy plates

for the operators of flooring enterprises, perhaps the most concerned is how to establish a brand culture suitable for more serious is if these dust enter the hydraulic system company's own brand culture? First of all, we should make clear what is the fundamental significance of the brand of flooring enterprises? What kind of relationship does it have with consumers, governments, competitors and other market players? What kind of enterprise values, product research and development, market service and so on does it advocate? Among them, enterprise values, like personal world outlook, are also called enterprise spirit by enterprises. It is the core connotation of brand culture construction. It can be said that enterprise values are the cornerstone of brand culture

brand culture needs to reflect the core values of the enterprise

because brand culture is an externalized corporate culture, the brand that wants to develop and survive should consider the ultimate benefit of its most important external subject - customers in the design of corporate values, and should consider the factors that reflect and evaluate its advantages and disadvantages, such as efficiency, excellence, status, morality, dignity, fun, beauty, spiritual outlook, etc, Like those famous enterprises mentioned above, they use "metaphor", "symbol" and other methods to refine and sublimate

in addition to having profound and rich connotations, brands should also form an externalized value system with appropriate extensions of enterprise values. In other words, flooring enterprises should also establish the value orientation of various internal and external communication interfaces, including products, services, employees, procurement, advertising, etc

unfortunately, most domestic brands lack overall planning, fail to proceed from the core values of the enterprise, neglect to consistently extend the value orientation of their brands in advertising, and form a brand promotion system that is consistent in appearance, accurate in appeal, short-term and long-term echo, close to the audience, and healthy and upward, often short-sighted and eager for quick success and instant benefit

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