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FLIR thermal imager: a great player in the field of electrical industrial control

with the improvement of equipment precision in various industries, for the daily maintenance of industrial equipment, intuitive temperature control and equipment heat. Remove the broken specimen and tighten the broken specimen to 1. The same energy analysis is extremely necessary for production safety. Single point temperature measurement can no longer meet the current needs of electrical industrial control. For safety reasons, the real-time temperature change of the equipment The temperature warning in different areas, whether the heat dissipation area works normally, and the overall temperature change of the plant will become important data for industrial monitoring. The traditional point temperature measurement equipment can no longer meet the industrial control needs of the modern electrical field. The thermal imager products of FLIR, a world-famous thermal imaging company, are gradually becoming a new favorite in the field of electrical engineering, which usually uses hot-air dryers or heaters for drying

flir ex series is an instant thermal imager, which can bring you a new dimensional experience. FLIR ex series thermal imager is economical and is a substitute for the point thermometer. The thermal image taken by it includes the temperature information of each pixel. Image storage combines the new multi band dynamic imaging (MSX), thermal image and visual image formats, making FLIR ex series thermal imagers extremely convenient to use. FLIR ex series can generate real-time target shoot JPEG infrared images, which contain all temperature data

as the largest and most influential international professional exhibition technology in China and even all Asia, users can not only see the infrared thermal image generated by the thermal imager, but also superimpose it with the traditional optical image, so that the thermal image can show the current scene very clearly, so as to quickly confirm the heat source, monitor or troubleshoot, This function can only be realized by high-end products worth tens of thousands of yuan in the past. The FLIR EX Series portable thermal imager has comfortable grip and high precision. The addition of MSX function makes it cost-effective. It can be widely used in electrical and mechanical inspection, building construction inspection, safety and fire prevention, intelligent buildings and other scenes

like many FLIR thermal imager users, engineer Yang of a construction company also chose FLIR E4 products to inspect construction processing equipment and machinery through FLIR E4. What attracts FLIR E4 most is the cost performance brought by the function of MSX. As we all know, a single infrared thermal imager cannot penetrate the surface of glass, and the addition of MSX makes the infrared thermal image and optical illumination 4 According to the stress state of the sample and the application speed of the experimental force, it can be divided into static force and dynamic force. The experimental machine piece is combined to bring more details to the thermal image, so that the generated photos are more intuitive and effective. Through FLIR tools software, the test report is directly generated on pc/mac

flir ex series thermal imager products bring users a new extraordinary experience of thermal monitoring with portability, ease of use and accuracy, and become a substitute for point temperature detectors. More importantly, MSX multi band dynamic imaging patented technology enables entry-level price ex series products to have rich functions of professional thermal imagers, bringing unparalleled extraordinary experience to the majority of engineers

about thermal imaging

thermal imaging is the use of an imager composed of special sensors to see the energy released by objects. Because the wavelength of thermal energy or infrared light is too long to detect, it cannot be seen by human eyes. What we perceive as heat energy is actually part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Infrared rays can help us see objects that cannot be seen by the naked eye. The thermal imager generates images formed by invisible infrared or thermal radiation. According to the temperature difference between different objects, thermal imaging technology can generate clear images. It is an excellent tool for predictive maintenance, building inspection, research and development, and automation applications. Thermal imaging can see the observed objects in a completely dark environment, at night, through fog, smoke and from a long distance. The technology can also be used in security, maritime, automation, fire protection and many other applications

about FLIR systems

FLIR systems is a world leading company that designs and manufactures thermal imagers for a wide range of applications. With more than 50 years of industry experience, the company has produced thousands of thermal imagers for predictive maintenance, building inspection, R & D, security, maritime, automation and other night vision applications around the world. FLIR systems has eight manufacturing plants located in the United States (Portland, Boston, SantaBarbara and pozman), Stockholm, Sweden, Tallinn, Estonia, and near Paris, France. Its offices are located in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Dubai, France, Germany, Hong Kong (China), India, Italy, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. The company has more than 3000 infrared experts, who provide local sales and support functions through international distributor networks to serve the global market

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