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Analysis and prediction of China's alumina and electrolytic aluminum production in 2017

since 2000, China's alumina and electrolytic aluminum have developed rapidly, accounting for half of the world in 15 years. In order to control the export of high energy consumption, high pollution and resource-based products, China has implemented a provisional tariff rate of 15% on electrolytic aluminum since 2006. But it still failed to stop the trend of rapid expansion of production capacity

due to the rapid expansion of electrolytic aluminum production capacity in China, but the backward production capacity cannot be eliminated in time due to various reasons, the overall capacity utilization rate is declining year by year

"2+26+3" influence range in material technology and performance quality. We quote the data of two consulting agencies. According to the statistics of Baichuan information, at present, 6 Henan enterprises with electrolytic aluminum production capacity in "2+26" cities are combined by 135 strong enterprises! Graphene flame retardant EPS materials took the lead in realizing the industrialization of 10000 tons in Changzhou, including 100000 tons in one enterprise in Hebei, 10.18 million tons in 13 enterprises in Shandong and 330000 tons in two enterprises in Shanxi. The total production capacity involved is 11.96 million tons, accounting for 28.1% of the total production capacity of the country. "2+26" cities involve 3 Henan enterprises with alumina production capacity of 4.5 million tons, 5 Shandong enterprises with alumina production capacity of 24.8 million tons, and 3 Shanxi enterprises with alumina production capacity of 220000 tons. The total production capacity involved is 31.5 million tons, accounting for 0.8% of the total national production capacity. "2+26" cities involve 27 Henan enterprises with pre baked anode capacity of 2.78 million tons, 3 Hebei enterprises with capacity of 680000 tons, and 30 Shandong enterprises with capacity of 6.7 million tons, with a total capacity of 10.16 million tons, accounting for 43.96% of the total national capacity, and 73.88% of commercial anodes are affected

in the heating season, the production capacity of electrolytic aluminum reduction is calculated according to the electrolytic cell. According to the calculation of Aladdin, the output of 1089000 tons will be affected in four months. Including 423000 tons in 2017. The energy cost of electrolytic aluminum recovery is high. Regardless of the opportunity cost and employment pressure affected by the shutdown, the production resumption cost of electrolytic aluminum is 750 yuan/ton. Due to the high production resumption cost and policy guidance, it is expected that 30% of the production capacity forced to stop production in the heating season will be eliminated. Regardless of capacity replacement, this will affect the output of 3.285 million tons in 2018

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