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the combined air conditioning unit is also called the assembled air conditioning unit, which is assembled by several prefabricated units with different air treatment functions. The combined air conditioning unit needs to provide cold and heat sources from the outside, and can complete the air treatment processes such as mixing, filtration, heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification, silencing and energy recovery. In addition, it can complete the oil pump for the direct rotation axial 5-column pump to form the primary return air, secondary return air and fresh air , air supply and other air transmission and allocation tasks. Therefore, the combined air conditioning unit is the key equipment of air treatment. Since the functional sections of the air treatment process are mainly arranged along the horizontal direction, the combined Mongolia may also hope to obtain the invitation air conditioning unit, which is mostly horizontal. 1、 Classification of combined air conditioning units: combined air conditioning units are divided into: constant temperature and humidity air conditioning units, purified air conditioning units, ordinary air handling units, and industry-specific air conditioning units. 2、 The functional sections of the combined air conditioning unit are return air section, fresh air return mixing section, primary effect filtration section, heating section, surface cooling section, water spray section, humidification section, return fan section, return air regulation section, supply fan section, secondary return air section, medium or sub high efficiency filtration section, silencing section, intermediate section, energy recovery section, turning section

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