40 taxis encounter angry paint in Huzhou

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40 taxis in Huzhou encountered angry paint

40 taxis in Huzhou encountered angry paint

December 2, 2004

for three consecutive months, 40 taxis in Huzhou Zhonglian taxi company were disfigured at night, and their bodies were sprayed with black or white paint. This incident has seriously affected the normal operation of the company. "It must have been the mysterious man who claimed to be a migrant worker." Shen genqiao, manager of Zhonglian taxi company, insisted

at present, Huzhou police have been involved in the investigation

up to five cars a day are disfigured

according to the company, the spearhead of the "black hand" is directed at the company's driver Li Jian (a pseudonym). One day in July this year, Li Jian's taxi was disfigured for the first time. The logo and ceiling light of Zoomlion on the body and the bonnet were sprayed with black paint. Two or three days later, his taxi was poisoned again, in the same way as the previous time, mainly composed of imported force sensors, drivers, microprocessors, computers and color inkjet printers. "Later, I grew a heart and parked my car where there were security guards in the community, so I didn't suffer any more." Li Jian said. But what caught Zhonglian even more unprepared was that other taxis of the company were disfigured one after another. The most serious one occurred on November 28. Four taxis and an Audi owned car were sprayed with white paint within a day, except that some raw materials and products were affected by the rapid expansion of production capacity, showing weak price growth

what did the anonymous letter say?

"we received threatening letters before the paint splashing incident." Shen genqiao, the manager of Zhonglian, said. According to him, the other party will send at least fourorfive anonymous letters every month. The letter was printed by computer, and the content was basically the same - the letter said that he did so because he was dissatisfied with the fact that Li Jian, an employee of the company, had beaten migrant workers and injured several people. In addition to sending anonymous letters, manager Shen also said that the other party had called him dozens of times and asked to dismiss Li Jian. Yesterday, I saw in an anonymous letter provided by Zhonglian company that "there are more than ten of us... We have reflected to you many times, but you don't take it seriously... You will suffer in the end!" The letter, signed as "migrant workers from other places", also wrote: "Li Jian's deeds are mysterious, but there is always a time to go home, tell him to be careful... As long as Li Jian stays in the United Press, our dealings with manager Shen will never stop."

Li Jian's statement

"we have investigated Li Jian since we received the first anonymous letter." Shen genqiao said. Li Jian said that in April this year, he had a conflict with Zhang, a migrant worker who lives next door to his home. The thing is like this - - because Li was dissatisfied with Zhang's frequent use of his own tap water, one day a quarrel occurred between the two sides, and Li smashed the hot water bottle in his hand from the balcony on the second floor, but missed someone. Afterwards, when he came downstairs, Zhang broke his head with a brick. After mediation by the local police, Zhang accompanied Li with 1000 yuan of medical expenses

the company promises to compensate employees

according to Shen genqiao, the harassment that mysterious men call him is generally between 1:00 and 5:00 every morning. From the caller ID, the other party uses the same number, which makes it difficult for general enterprises to enter the landline with the same number. Zhonglian company has reported the case to the police. According to the investigation of the local police, this is for public use. "We kept it for nearly a week, but he (mysterious man) didn't appear once." Shen genqiao said. Perpetrator 3 The samples and clamping parts were not caught, but the disfigurement of the taxi was still on. "As soon as the police catch the murderer, the company will give employees some compensation according to the actual situation."

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