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60% of sudden environmental events come from here! Nanjing Chemical Industry Park has become a provincial key monitoring area

60% of sudden environmental events come from here! Nanjing Chemical Industry Park has become a provincial-level key monitoring area

April 6, 2017

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recently, the environmental protection department informed Nanjing of the relevant situation of environmental emergencies last year. It was learned that as the main centralized chemical production base in Nanjing, more than 60% of environmental incidents occurred in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park, which has also become a provincial-level key monitoring area

"worst hit areas": more than 60% occurred in the chemical industry park

it is learned that a total of 8 environmental emergencies occurred in Nanjing last year, an increase of 2 from 6 in the same period in 2015

according to the type of event: 6 cases belong to the category of events involving air pollution; One case belongs to the category of events involving threats to water quality safety, but did not cause pollution; One case belongs to the category of events involving atmospheric and water environment, which did not cause significant impact. According to the cause of the incident, 7 incidents were caused by safety production and 1 incident was caused by traffic accident

according to the region of the incident: 5 in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park and 9 in Qixia Speed accuracy: within ± 0.5% of the indicated value; There are 2 cases in Pukou District and 1 case in Pukou District. According to the time period of the event: there were 5 cases in the first half of the year, including 2 cases in May and 3 cases in the second half of the year; There are 4 cases in the whole year that are outside the 8-hour working hours

"from the point of view of location, the occurrence area is still relatively concentrated." According to the analysis of environmental protection emergency experts, as the chemical park area is the main centralized chemical production base in Nanjing, the probability of explosion, combustion, leakage and other emergencies is relatively high, accounting for 63% of all events in terms of quantity, with relatively large impact

two events: have a certain impact on the society

8 events, are they placed randomly by the environmental protection department after receiving the information? A: our experiment is destructive. At the first time, the leaders led the team to the scene for environmental emergency disposal, scientific distribution, intensive monitoring, investigation and comprehensive control of accident pollution. At the first time, the local government and relevant units and higher authorities should report the event disposal and progress to the competent department in addition to requiring higher wear resistance and thermal performance, and coordinate relevant units to participate in the event disposal, Release event related information to the media

the environmental protection department mentioned that two incidents "had a certain impact on the society". One is the deflagration of an empty cargo ship in the water opposite the "5.9" Yangtze terminal 8 during maintenance. As the ship is a toluene transport ship for dangerous chemicals, and the downstream is not far away from the drinking water source of our city, once the water quality of the drinking water source is polluted, it will cause great social instability. After on-site investigation, it is understood that the ship is in no-load state. Through the accident point and downstream water quality monitoring, our bureau has not detected benzene homologues

another incident is the "10.9" incident, which is also an event of great concern to the society. During the start-up of the reforming unit of Sinopec Jinling Branch, the flange of the feed filter leaked and caught fire, and the fire was extinguished four hours later, causing no casualties. As the accident did not cause material leakage, benzene homologues were not detected at the accident point and downwind direction through monitoring, and no excessive data were found in water and gas monitoring

according to the analysis of the environmental protection emergency department, these two incidents have attracted the high attention of the higher-level government and caused a certain social impact, "but the response was timely, and there was no major pollution to the environment."

Criticism: some enterprises sacrificed the environment to save property

"last year, 88% of emergencies were caused by safety production. Six of them were caused by explosion and combustion, and the main devices were oil tanks, device intermediates or warehouses." Relevant experts from Nanjing Environmental Protection Bureau said that in recent years, accidents in oil tank warehouses have increased significantly, which are caused by incomplete systems, non-compliance with rules, aging equipment and improper operation. After the accident, some units failed to collect accident wastewater in time. A few enterprises put saving property in the first place, ignoring the protection of the environment, reversing the order of saving property and protecting the environment

accountability: those who fail to report in time will be strictly investigated.

the intersection learned that the Nanjing Environmental Protection Department recently issued the "emergency notice on doing a good job in environmental risk prevention of industrial enterprises", which reminded all relevant departments to report relevant information in a timely and accurate manner, and resolutely put an end to late reporting, false reporting, concealment, omission and other acts. The situation that meets or is likely to meet the standards for major, major and extraordinary emergencies is not limited by the classification standards for emergencies and relevant provisions on information reporting. It should be reported immediately, and written information should be reported as soon as possible. Those who fail to report the information within the specified time will be investigated in strict accordance with the relevant disciplinary regulations

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