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The application and development prospect of filling machine in various industries

there are a wide variety of filling machine equipment in China. The plastic boxes on the booth of Dongguan jishuo Industrial Co., Ltd. are also very interested and have a wide range of applications, including food and beverage, medicine, daily necessities, industry At present, the filling machine equipment is moving towards automation. Under the automatic operation, the filling machine equipment is changing the action mode of the filling process and the processing method of filling containers and materials. The automatic filling system can greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality, significantly eliminate the errors caused by the filling process and printing and labeling, effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers and reduce the consumption of energy and resources. The following is a brief discussion on the development prospects of filling machines in all walks of life:

food industry:

food and beverage filling is the largest segment of the packaging machinery and equipment industry. The production of beverage filling machines and equipment is mainly the whole growth line, with a high degree of automation. At present, the per capita consumption of beverages in China, especially mineral water, is far behind the level of international advanced countries. With the development of science and technology and the development of society, China has entered a well-off society, people's living standards have improved, and the market space is large. In the future, food filling machinery will cooperate with industrial automation to improve the overall level of packaging equipment and develop multifunctional, efficient and low consumption food packaging equipment

mainly used in some manufacturing, metallurgy and building materials industries, pharmaceutical industry:

some liquid drugs or viscous liquids are filled from filling machines. For example, Sanjing oral liquid, loquat paste and various pesticides can be filled with liquid filling machine or paste filling machine. The overall characteristics of this kind of filling machinery and equipment are small size, high price and output value accounting for about% of drugs. Therefore, this kind of packaging equipment has high requirements for automation level, and the purchasing power of automation equipment of corresponding enterprises is also strong. At present, the national drug reform can only require more and more strict packaging, especially western medicine. In order to avoid secondary pollution, try to bulk it. Traditional paper bags have been basically eliminated. This market will also maintain a steady growth higher than GDP

daily chemical industry:

filling machine is the fastest in this industry. Cosmetics, toothpaste, shoe polish and other daily chemical products cannot be separated from the filling machine. Daily chemical filling is similar to pharmaceutical packaging, with small volume and high price. Many machinery and equipment can be shared with pharmaceutical packaging machinery and equipment. For example, the paste filling machine of Zhongnan pharmaceutical machinery factory can not only fill daily chemical products, such as facial cleanser and shampoo, but also be used in the pharmaceutical industry, such as erythromycin ointment and other pharmaceutical products. 4. The profitability of China's paper industry has declined, and the rapid consumption of the market has driven the rapid development of filling machines in the daily chemical industry

in addition, the chemical industry and special paste or liquid products can be filled with filling machines, which can ensure the quality of products and reduce pollution

with the development of food industry, pharmaceutical industry and daily chemical industry, the demand for filling machinery and equipment in China will have a rapid development. If we want to create the greatest benefits for ourselves within the specified time, we must ensure that our packaging machinery and filling machinery production lines operate well, and there will be no errors in the production process. In this way, we can maximize the benefits for the enterprise by avoiding the impact of errors and failures as far as possible

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