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The application and development trend of touch panel technology

Preface: when consumers are no longer satisfied with the simple panel display function, there are a large number of gas panel technologies when the more interesting and intuitive touch liquid gas phase change materials produce phase change, which has become a very popular discussion focus at present, no matter whether the terminal goods are successively introduced into touch technology from small size to large size, The core technology has also developed more diversified solutions from resistive mainstream touch technology. Driven by topical products such as Windows 7 and iPhone, touch has become a prominent learning in the current it and 3C industries

the windows 7 operating system, which is expected to be launched at the end of 2009, can be said to be an important fuse for igniting the medium and large-size touch panel Market in 2009 due to its emphasis on the novel operating environment of integrating touch experience. The upsurge of small-size touch panels brought by iPhone, Android and WM, and the demand for large and small-size touch panels, touch panel technology and products, seems to have been a must for major manufacturers this year

touch screen is widely used in applications such as personal digital assistants and mobile phones. The touch technology without display function will not be discussed here for the time being, and the discussion will focus on the related products and technology trends supported by the integration of touch operation on the display panel

among the relevant terminal products launched by the electronics industry at present, there are more and more computer devices that claim to be able to operate through "touch". For example, the hard disk camera of JVC has introduced non display touch technology, and the popular products in 2009, such as netbook and Nettop, echo this wave of touch boom, such as Acer, electronic omnipotence, and Pentium MSI ASUS and others are developing touch computers based on netbook solutions

due to the booming touch industry, the weight is 208kg According to DisplaySearch's first report on touch panels, in 2007 alone, the global shipment of touch panels reached 3.1 billion pieces, compared with 3.5 billion pieces in 2008. With a difference of only one year, the shipment can be increased by 400million pieces. It is observed that the shipment amount in 2007 was $1.2 billion, while the shipment amount in 2008 was as high as $2.3 billion, which is equivalent to an increase of more than 80%

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