At least 17 people were killed in the worst plane

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At least 17 people were killed in the plane crash in South Sudan. According to local media reports in South Sudan, on the morning of August 22 local time, a cargo plane chartered by the United Nations Food Programme crashed near the capital Juba International Airport. There were 17 bodies of the victims at the crash site, including two crew members. One person on board survived but was seriously injured and was sent to hospital for treatment. Social media video shows that there was a fire after the plane crashed, and there were scattered banknotes on the ground

the person in charge of Juba International Airport, the capital of South Sudan, confirmed that the cargo plane belonged to the local Southwest Airlines. It was originally scheduled to fly to Wau and other places. When the tensile test was carried out, there were motorcycles, parts, food and salaries of NGO staff, but the airport did not know the exact number of passengers

the Aviation Department of South Sudan indicated that the clearance between the adjusting steel ball and the valve seat was about 0.5mm, and the cause of the accident will be investigated. (MA Peimin, front desk)

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