At present, the company's production and operation

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Xianhe shares: at present, the company's production and operation are all normal. The orders are full.

the hydrophilic surface reduces the activity of lipolytic enzymes.

release date: Source: daily economy

an investor asked on the investor interaction platform: Recently, it has been reported that the paper enterprises have stopped production due to the rise in the price of paper pulp. Is your production and operation normal

on May 25, crane shares said on the investor interaction platform, dear investors, thank you for your attention to the company! At present, the production and operation of the company is normal, and the orders on hand are full. This measurement and control system integrates and drives the development of instrumentation and machinery industry, including program-controlled amplification, a/d conversion, d/a conversion, digital quantity i/o, counting and pulse generation (PWM), square wave generation (SWP) and other functions. Although the industrial scope has expanded, thank you again for your attention. Thank you

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