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At least 500 yuan will be fined for refitting UAVs

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with the expansion of the civil UAV market, "black flying" and other incidents disrupting public order have occurred from time to time, bringing new problems to urban management. It is learned from the latest issue of the official gazette of Shenzhen that from March 1, Shenzhen will begin to implement the Interim Measures for the administration of Shenzhen citizens' micro light UAVs (hereinafter referred to as the measures), strengthen the safety management of civil micro light UAVs, and maintain public safety and flight safety

insiders in the UAV industry said that now some units and individuals will modify and crack the purchased UAVs to achieve the purpose of "black flying" at will, and events disrupting the airport aviation order are also emerging one after another. The measures announced this time clearly define the production and sales management, flight management, laws and other aspects of UAVs. Any violation will be severely punished by relevant departments

the UAV shall be registered in real name or fined 1000 yuan.

the measures clearly stipulates that the manufacturing enterprise of unmanned ZTE Nubia Z5 also has a special titanium alloy version machine, which should take measures to ensure that the light UAV can effectively access the UAV flight comprehensive supervision platform when flying, and the no fly data setting is real-time and effective. And assist relevant departments to control the UAV, and provide UAV brand, model, independent code, real-time flight information (speed, altitude, trajectory, etc.) and owner's mailbox, number and other information according to law

before the first flight of the light UAV, the information registration shall be completed on the UAV real name registration system of the Civil Aviation Administration Department, including the owner's name and mobile number. If the UAV is transferred, damaged, scrapped, lost or stolen, the owner of the UAV shall timely change or cancel the registration information. If the owner of the UAV fails to complete the real name registration on the UAV real name registration system of the Civil Aviation Administration Department, he shall be fined 1000 yuan

according to the measures, it is forbidden for any unit or individual to modify UAVs, crack UAV Systems, or tamper with UAV product marks. The violators will be fined 20000 yuan by the market supervision and administration department and 500 yuan by individuals; If the circumstances are serious, a fine of 50000 yuan shall be imposed on the unit and 1000 yuan on the individual

according to the measures, the horizontal flying rotor UAV within 3M above the ground shall be equipped with propeller protection equipment to ensure the safety of ground personnel. The working height of the UAV dedicated to plant protection shall not exceed 30 meters from the ground, and it shall operate above the agricultural, forestry and pastoral areas. In addition, there are provisions on the age of UAV operators. They should be at least 8 years old, and minors between 8 and 14 years old should operate light UAVs accompanied by adults

set a no fly zone for civil micro light UAV and impose a fine of 1000 yuan for violating the no fly regulations.

the measures also specify the no fly zone for civil micro light UAV. For example, the light UAV is forbidden to fly within the following ranges: the range above 120 meters in true height (50 meters for micro UAV); The horizontal projection range of obstacle limitation surface of military airport clearance protection zone and civil airport; Temporary take-off and landing points of manned aircraft and large UAVs and the surrounding area of 3000 meters; 500m from Hong Kong border to Shenzhen side (100m for micro UAV); The military restricted zone and the surrounding area of 2000 meters (500 meters of micro UAV), the military management zone, the party and government organs at or above the municipal level, supervision sites, ports, customs supervision zone and the surrounding area of 500 meters (200 meters of micro UAV); Satellite ground station (including measurement and control, ranging, receiving), navigation station and other facilities requiring special protection of electromagnetic environment, and the surrounding area of 2000 meters (1000 meters for micro UAV), meteorological radar station and the surrounding area of 1000 meters (500 meters for micro UAV)

large enterprises that produce and store inflammable and explosive dangerous goods and large warehouses that store important inflammable and explosive materials in the protection area of important military scientific research, production, test and storage facilities and the surrounding 1000 meters (500 meters of micro UAV), the control area of nuclear facilities that implement class I and II physical protection and the surrounding 200 meters (100 meters of micro UAV) Tetra Pak has launched the world's first aseptic paper packaging with the highest level of certification within 150 meters of the base and its surroundings - a 1-liter Tetra Pak aseptic packaging (100 meters of micro UAV) made of biological materials plastic and equipped with a 30 mm lightweight cover, power plants, substations, gas stations, medium and large stations, wharves, ports, large event sites and within 100 meters of the base (50 meters of micro UAV), Light UAVs are also prohibited from flying on high-speed railways and within 200m on both sides (100m for micro UAVs), ordinary railways and within 100m on both sides, expressways and within 50m on both sides (50m for micro UAVs, ordinary railways, national highways, provincial highways and both sides)

when flying a UAV in a non prohibited flight area, the flight plan and dynamic information shall be reported through the UAV flight integrated supervision platform. For those who want to fly UAVs in the prohibited flight area or conduct distributed operation of UAV system or cluster flight of UAVs, the UAV user unit or individual shall apply for airspace use, flight mission, flight plan and release permit through the UAV flight comprehensive supervision platform in accordance with relevant regulations, and can fly only after being approved by the flight control department. Those who violate the above no fly regulations will be fined 1000 yuan by the public security organ; Those who violate the relevant provisions of the law of the people's Republic of China on administrative penalties for public security shall be dealt with in accordance with the law of the people's Republic of China on administrative penalties for public security

how to define a light UAV with a maximum takeoff weight of less than 7kg

micro light UAV? According to the measures, micro UAV refers to a civil remotely piloted aircraft that meets the conditions that the empty weight is less than 0.25 kg, the true height is not more than 50 meters, and the maximum flight speed is not more than 40 km/h; The light UAV refers to a civil remotely piloted aircraft that simultaneously meets the requirements of no more than 4kg of empty aircraft weight, no more than 7kg of maximum takeoff weight, and no more than 100km/h of maximum level flight speed, and has the airspace maintenance ability and reliable monitoring ability that meet the airspace management requirements

as the birthplace of famous UAV brands such as Dajiang and hava, Shenzhen also leads the country in UAV management. The measures require that the China International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition opens the Asian market platform, asks the government departments of Shenzhen to perform their respective duties to manage the above two types of UAVs, and encourages and supports the aviation, UAV, aerial photography and other industry associations to establish the UAV industry management system. Among them, the Shenzhen public security organ will be responsible for establishing the Shenzhen UAV management system, realizing the dynamic management of UAV flight, managing and maintaining the management system, docking data with the UAV flight comprehensive supervision platform of the flight control department, applying to the flight control department for planning and publishing the UAV no flight area within the city, and assisting the flight control department, civil aviation management department The air traffic management department implements UAV management

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