At present, Taiyuan Heavy Industry has achieved ma

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Taiyuan Heavy Industry: at present, it has achieved mass production in the field of wind power

Taiyuan Heavy Industry: it has achieved mass production in the field of wind power before the initial clamping force is small

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Taiyuan Heavy Industry said that the company has achieved mass production in the field of wind power

it is generally recognized in the industry that the target of increasing the installed capacity of wind power in the 13th five year plan has been determined. The installed capacity of wind power will be adjusted from the desktop open control system to 250million kW, and the installed capacity of photovoltaic will be increased to 150million kW

in 2015, China's wind power industry continued to maintain a strong growth momentum. Throughout the year, the newly installed capacity of wind power was 32.97 million KW, hitting a new record. The cumulative combined installed capacity reached 129million kW, accounting for 8.6% of the total installed power generation capacity. The wind power generating capacity is 186.3 billion kwh, accounting for 3.3% of the total generating capacity

the wind power market is promising, and Taiyuan Heavy Industry's initiative to get involved in the share will naturally not. It is surprising that thermoplastic composites are increasingly being used in the aerospace industry to manufacture lightweight materials. However, mass production of products is only one of many links to create profits. Taiyuan Heavy Industry has a long way to go in the next long journey

Founded in 1950, Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is the first heavy machinery manufacturing enterprise designed and built by new China. It is one of the largest 500 industrial enterprises in China and one of the largest 50 industrial enterprises in China's machinery industry

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