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Children are the treasure in parents' hands. It has always been the greatest wish of parents that children can grow up healthily. Therefore, parents are very cautious in choosing children's furniture that is closely related to their children's growth. But in the face of a wide range of children's furniture brands on the market, parents are confused when choosing. Then, let's introduce the latest brand recommendations for children's furniture in 2015

brand recommendation of children's furniture I. colorful life

Shenzhen colorful life Furniture Co., Ltd., one of the top ten brands of children's furniture, well-known pine furniture brands, member of China Furniture Association, vice president unit of Guangdong Furniture Chamber of Commerce, executive vice president unit of Shenzhen Furniture Association, one of the drafting units of general technical conditions for children's furniture, and one of the largest youth and children's furniture production bases in Asia

brand recommendation of children's furniture II. Songbao Kingdom

Shenzhen Senbao Furniture Co., Ltd., one of the top ten brands of children's furniture, a well-known pine furniture brand, a member of Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association, a brand of China's green environmental protection products, one of China's most distinctive private furniture enterprises, and one of China's largest children's pine furniture manufacturing enterprises. Its products are all over the country and exported overseas

children's furniture brand recommendation III. I like more

Dongguan Evergrande meisenmei Industrial Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of children's furniture, well-known living furniture brands, well-known children's mattress brands, well-known influential brands of Chinese furniture, excellent brands of Chinese furniture decoration industry, and professional R & D manufacturers of Chinese children's furniture industry

children's furniture brand recommendation IV. ABC

Xuzhou Lianghui Furniture Co., Ltd., one of the top ten children's furniture brands, green and environment-friendly children's furniture brands, is a powerful enterprise integrating the design, manufacturing and sales of youth solid wood furniture

children's furniture brand recommendation v. Disney

Disney children's furniture brand has had different brand names “ Mickey, Mickey world ” To Disney today. This brand promotes children's furniture from a simple functional level to the realm of cultural life. Give children a romantic cartoon world

children's furniture brand recommendation VI. cool Manju

cool Manju is a combination of furniture as the carrier, children's products and children's industry by taking advantage of its authorized brands (Disney, Time Warner, Hello Kitty, Doraemon, transformers, etc.), creative design and application technology, and integrating various resources such as production, logistics, media, retail and commercial real estate, A channel portal for children's industry that integrates all aspects of children's clothing, food, housing, entertainment, education and entertainment

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