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Intellectual beauty has collected various home decoration traps and hidden rules encountered by netizens in various forums, from the purchase of building materials to the selection of decoration companies, and to the final environmental protection testing. It is really amazing step by step. A decoration is like a war! It's not easy! But the post of this intellectual beauty was blocked by the decoration company. What on earth makes these building materials merchants and decoration companies so afraid to block it? Come and have a look! Decoration trap Posts fly all over the sky. How many are the decoration fishy

hidden rules of building materials purchase revealed:

3 big curtain purchase traps:

home decoration should be flexible, and curtains are indispensable. However, behind this "flowing scenery", there are many little-known traps, which cannot be equated with the colorful curtains. After visiting the cloth curtain Market, Miss Lin, who was preparing to buy curtains, only felt dizzy. "There are various calculation methods in the market. The prices of cloth and various accessories are very different, and there are many kinds of cloth names, which is really uncertain for a time.". There are not many buyers who have the same experience and mentality as Miss Lin. how to choose good curtains wisely without being slaughtered is also a knowledge

trap 1: induce buyers to buy more cloth in the name of folds

a curtain is hung out. Naturally, some folds will appear beautiful. It is for this reason that curtain shop owners will induce customers to buy more cloth in the name of wrinkles. For example, the width of your window is 2 meters. If you add the left and right sides, the width can be increased to about 2.2 meters. If you go to buy it without doing your homework, the boss may tell you to buy cloth of about 6 meters, so the wrinkles will look better. In fact, from the effect of hanging, the width of the cloth is generally about 1.5 times the width of the window

● tips: before buying cloth, be sure to measure the size of the window and reserve some width on the left and right sides. After arriving at the market, just tell the boss how much cloth to cut




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