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In the season when it is so cold that people can't wait to wrap a quilt and go out, there are few pink and bright flowers except for the green leaves. Xinke wallpaper suggests choosing wallpaper with flower patterns to make the wall full of colorful flowers in winter

it's winter when the wind blows and the hair style changes in one second. It's so cold that people can't wait to wrap a quilt and go out. In addition to the green leaves, there are few pink and bright flowers. Xinke wallpaper suggests choosing wallpaper with flower patterns to make the wall full of colorful flowers in winter

I. idyllic fresh small broken flowers

small broken flowers are the favorite of sweet girls. With soft and elegant colors and simple and beautiful style, you can feel the natural flavor of early spring even in cold winter. Broken flower wallpaper creates a warm and comfortable pastoral style with orderly flower patterns, which makes people feel relaxed when they return home after a hard day

second, classical and elegant Chinese style

Chinese style design will never lag behind, and Chinese style flower wallpaper is also the first choice for many people who prefer Chinese decoration. The gorgeous peonies with rich flowers, elegant chrysanthemums stacked on top of each other, and naturally carved clear water Hibiscus are combined with the classical and elegant Chinese decoration style, as if the sound of flowers can be heard. Modern room decoration with appropriate Chinese style flower wallpaper can also have unexpected decorative effects. The combination of modern and classical collides with a special visual effect

III. visual impact large flowers

single flower Wallpapers usually cover a wall with the design style of single and large flowers. The delicate strokes and accurate coloring make the flowers like hand painting, which feels like a beautiful mural. The number of flowers is not necessarily only one. The same thing is that the flowers will cover the whole wall, and the lines on the stamens and petals are clearly visible. Under the change of light, the flowers that open or close are lifelike, just like huge flowers on the wall

four, three-dimensional texture relief design

relief wallpaper is foam wallpaper. Embossed flower wallpaper is based on the production process of PVC wallpaper, which is made of PVC paste resin mixed with foaming agent and then foamed after printing. The surface of this kind of wallpaper is elastic and concave convex, which makes the flower relief very three-dimensional and has excellent decorative effect. Due to the relief effect of the wallpaper, it is easy to accumulate dust after a long time of use. From time to time, sweep the wall with a feather duster to remove the dust and keep the wallpaper bright

v. low key luxury abstract lines

abstract flower wallpaper does not take bright and specific flower patterns as highlights, but uses colors similar to or opposite to the background color of the wallpaper as the coloring of abstract flower lines, most of which are gold and silver, inadvertently reflecting the flowing beautiful brilliance through the action of light. Abstract flower wallpapers are mostly European and modern style. The seemingly simple abstract patterns are actually exquisite flower signs, with a low-key sense of luxury

after being ravaged by the strong wind outside every day, I will feel warm when I come home and look at the flowers blooming on the wall





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