Why is the thickness of doors and windows the same

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Someone asked me about the same material thickness of doors and windows, the same configuration...

why is the price different

then I want to ask the rhetorical question,

the same material, the same configuration,

do things must be the same

in the following figure, please have a look

the same appearance, the same configuration,

do you think the price can be the same

in the future, don't always ask whether the doors and windows of other companies sell so cheaply

how can you sell high? See if it can be the same

they are also T-shirts

they can be done at the roadside stall 20

but if you sell 180

in Nike stores, you will know the difference between them

dedicated to all people who only ask about price and don't care about internal quality

many customers often ask me

the same doors and windows

the same place of origin

Why are your prices more expensive

I won't explain. Please see the figure below.

are all the same. Can the effect be the same

there are many similar things, but you should see the essential difference

can it be similar? Almost everything is much worse

it is not us but quality that determines the price of doors and windows

the market will never fight for price, but value

low price is not the law of market survival

look at Nokia's low price,

are almost extinct in the mobile phone market

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